Friday 15 June 2012

June 15th Friday

So, a mistake to celebrate; headache and sleepless night as a result and serve me right. But still like the image. Don't know how to develop it. Just unraveling other drawings. Its cloudy today, rather nice after the harsh light of the last.
Later; it got hotter and brighter and I made a serious start on another pic which will be one of a pair.  Had to go to Limoux in the afto to sort train tickets from Barcelona for next week (going to Seville by train) so seized the moment to get to the Musee Petiet which is a fave. Will write about it for MonOc. Fun time with Max, who drove. Surprisingly OK for a bad night and comfortable with the sense of direction the new paintings have acquired.

Thursday 14 June 2012

june 14th thurs

Unusually I had the whole day clear -normally Thursday is cleaning and french but both femme de menage and my best french friend have cancelled so it was a straight run. First for a long time. Got up at 7.00 and went back to bed, didn't start work till 8.00 luxuriating in the non-panic of a full day. Gesso'd two canvases for the pictures I want to do tomorrow and finished this, above, which I like. I don't think the face is as weird as it  looks in this photo - will check and change it if it is, don't want that much expression.
The sunlight is strong and a pleasure to work under.
Now time for a large meal.

Wednesday 13 June 2012

13th June, Weds

after a weeks enforced distance from studio been busy today - finished 2 small ones (a dancing doll-thing reoccurring and roses round a kissing Krishna and observer) Did the video last night after planning for a while. Should probably re-do properly but its only a beautiful thing, neither here nor there.
Lots happening in my head and several days to make it all real. No words, therefore. None that I can remember:)

Tuesday 5 June 2012

5th June Tuesday

Yesterdays drawing dreadful; in view of a shortage of time, patience and robust health (hungover) decided to use cheap old drawing paper and just draw. Since then have been too busy to even look at them and don't want to know the worst. Have changed bedrooms due to roof monster, now in Winter bedroom (directly under easel) and so sleeping badly everywhere. Today is domestic, tomorrow is Toulouse for 2 days getting the flat there scrubbed out. Tied up then till the 11th and a good thing too: need to think about the last pictures and what direction they take me in.

Sunday 3 June 2012

Sunday June 3rd as well

Just discovered how to make the drawing below really big but not how to write on the page, hence another post with the happy news that this week has seen the completion of three paintings, the gessoing in many layers of 4 large canvases and about 20 drawings that I like, including one that won't photograph because the critical thing is a gold line which doesn't want to reproduce. And I may have sold a drawing to people with discretion but that's not in the bag yet.
Sleeping next to the studio an excellent trick.Though whatever is rambling in the attic above it is getting pretty scarey - last night there was something big up there though I may have been dreaming. Don't think so. Felt malevolent. Worked out where whatever it is is getting in so may try and take steps to close entrance, may just give up and go to another room, may just forget about it - next week is patchy, have to stay in Toulouse one night, have many domestic things to deal with. But content, sense of direction and movement.

sunday June 3rd


Friday 1 June 2012

1st June 2012

Good sleeping next to the studio - I want to write 'less space for dialogue'; what I mean is that ideas stay lodged and don't have to be constantly examined. The flow is more fluid. Probably just sleeping better, scents waft off the mountain, the nightingales sing. Its all enchanted, the weather beautiful. Feel the urge to work bigger but have no large canvases. Maybe rabbit skin some biggish, maybe just gesso some - lala.