Wednesday 26 April 2023

26 04 2023

 Despite it all, feel v well - which I attribute to the healing power of art. And the change in the weather.

Saturday 22 April 2023

22 04 2023

 Looks even nastier now, since the afternoons work :) 

Bit of luck though. Since the screaming rat appeared in the Mauvais Cou I've been attentive to errors and opportunities, hence the lines and black marks over the mouth. Long story.... will write it up when I'm awake.

Thursday 20 April 2023

20 03 2023

good sunlight and a quiet house has caused me to try and finish this mosaic - a few odd spots but mostly grouting. Helped by the robin, most curious about it all - and below, the very nearly finished mauvais cou -


Wednesday 19 April 2023

19 04 2023

Channelling the inner Kitaj... can't bear pastels on my fingers (and gave them all away long since) so have gesso's the bits of paper I've charcoaled on in order to paint over in oil.  Haven't snapped the recent work but its coming together - and it stops me overworking and having to schlepp canvases around.
and in the meantime, these are sold. The food pix, cleaned and varnished, from 2006; the other should have arrived in London by now but haven't heard. Trying  not to fret.


Friday 14 April 2023

14 04 2023

 Visit from Regina yesterday, looking to buy a painting, meant looking through stock in the gallery - and they are not all terrible. Some are, but not all. She is so encouraging, wanting to know their stories and my directions as as I told her I realised I'm not gaga or dilatant or neurotic after all. Not always.

Didn't find a picture but we are looking through the store tomorrow.

Have started drawing - on the paper Bernard Heslin sent before his death, deep- embossed ripple/sand patterns - using charcoal at the mo but think I may overpaint. I'm doing a Kitaj and painting my maladies. Odd things are happening, of course - the oddest being the emergence, unbidden, of a screaming rat. 

Tuesday 11 April 2023

11 04 2023

 Despite strenuous efforts, much changes, I hate this picture. Hate the thinking and the paint. Have turned to wall. Going to clean out studio and take to the hills with a drawing book.

And overpaint some finished pics that I also hate.

If I could think of a new career I'd embrace it.

Friday 7 April 2023

07 04 2023

 At the end of the day yesterday had managed to do some effective tweaking - today I'm doing my tax returns so I don't have to face it.

Sunshine out there...

Monday 3 April 2023

04 04 2023

 Still fiddling - Im missing  something.

Going to take a bus to Carcassonne and hang out in the beaux arts, time for a change of air.