Monday 30 March 2020

30 03 2020

been working exclusively on getting the Laws of Form article oven -ready. Impossible and have forwarded to consultant. Costs!! And my head hurts.

Saturday 28 March 2020

28 03 2020

Only writing because I'm putting off going to studio. Knocked back portraits, one is looking lovely but wont do... suspect the series is sorted in general and now I must establish something more challenging to interleave.

Thursday 26 March 2020

26 03 2020

Latest to be painted over - both much exhibited in the day, neither sold - I liked the mushroom one myself but don't think folk like pink.  Wonder if I can incorporate the oyster mushrooms in the new project? Hmm. Client loves work so far, she says. I'm finding the portraits problematical - firstly, hate working from photographs, secondly never seen the originals, thirdly, rather sinisterly, I know that one of the kids (don't know which) is in treatment for cancer and am looking for signs.. really taints the work. They look like little old men in trouble. When dry will use glazes and knock em back.

Been making masks.
These from Gordon Sturrocks widow Sue - old ones of mine that she still likes. I'm delighted to see them, have no photos - remember the god-one in great detail (  it was painted on my old nightie)  The portrait of himself he took off me before it was finished. What happy days. The red table, Gordons mad friendship...

Tuesday 24 March 2020

24 03 2020

That's three gone off to the client - virtually - I await word on if they are acceptable and which to do next, while I carry on with the portraits.
Smacks of therapy.
Having heard from friends in the UK I'm  jolly glad I've GOT therapy...

Sunday 22 March 2020

22 03 2020

 These two done but too wet to photograph properly - another nearly finished when some paint has dried a bit. Still working on the portraits. I like having a boss (didn't Warhol say every artist needed one?) But someone who tells me whats needed and expects me to do it - yes, its fun.

Saturday 21 March 2020

21 03 2020

Dunno why not but things are not going well. Perhaps too many on the go. Today plan to change bedrooms, organize myself a little and then finish one -two? Not impossible.
Had the most terrible nightmare yesterday and woke believing I was still a girl and had been turned out of my home at knife point by my mother. Id forgotten that particularly bad time and it came rushing back in huge detail. Very disturbing. Im guessing that because of the virus I'm identifying other points in my long life where I had no control. Bugger, there are many more!

Thursday 19 March 2020

19 03 2020

Latest to be painted over. It was hard work and never quite came off.

Stuff continuing painlessly, lots waiting to dry before I can press on. Decided to take today easy rather than rush at wet stuff - or start others and loose contact with those begun -

Have proposed a picnic in the garden (despite the isolation, we can write ourselves a permission to travel) so now I have to go and make it :)

Tuesday 17 March 2020

18 03 2020

Nothing to do but work!! Like a dream come true, really -

17 03 2020

 Painted over these two - best thing about the reading woman one was the title, waiting guides. Not sure it was exhibited but it was clumsy -

and the Jeux Dangereux has been exhibited often ( l really liked it) but never been taken up or apparently enjoyed by anyone. Ha!

My client wants portraits done for her book  now... life is rich. Or would be if  l could download the photo.

Monday 16 March 2020

16 03 2020

I'm making a pigs ear of this - enjoying it too much! Will finish in a couple of hours and start the next. Decided to overpaint old stuff because there are too many paintings in storage and Id like to keep the size ratio coherent, have no fresh ones ready. Good excuse to get out too - we are in isolation due to the attack of the killer virus.

Saturday 14 March 2020

14 03 2020

Good days painting.... but its hard now, I'm out of the groove. Thought when I finished for lunch that it was good, after lunch I was appalled. Bashed at it, to some effect; today have to go to Castelnaudry shopping for stuff and perhaps a new parrot if they have one there. But not far off finish.

Friday 13 March 2020

13 03 2020

Finished article and am writing this whilst waiting for the gesso to dry on an old painting that I'm re-using. (St Patrick. Never worked)
Begged a tureen from Hilary, a louche (=french for ladle) from Roland, bought some veggie soup and a dejunette (=little baguette) and have nearly set it up - so looking forward to this, copying is so easy . Unless I've lost the knack.

Sunday 8 March 2020

08 03 2020

Supposed to be writing up my LoF notes for a book of the conference and can't find all the right stuff (original paper and amendments) Furious with myself for slipshod filing.
An american lady wants 8 pix for her cookery book which I've undertaken to do - she sounds lovely, story of her life in recipes.
Have started work on the Haphazard autobiography, using random pix. Normal response to deadlines, in short.
And not painting.

Later; sat down and forced myself to examine every possibility re missing papers and Glory! Have it all. Will start on that tomorrow - with all the stuff together should be easy (OMG why can't I shut up..)
And Peter D visited and we sat in the studio and talked out the work. Most comfortable. Two last pix not as bad as I''d thought.

Monday 2 March 2020

02 03 2020

 Not as finished as I thought, still fiddlin' - ditto the I have measured out my life in blister packs crown.