Friday 29 April 2016

30 04 2016 Sat

Started to hang for the OFF yesterday, took it slowly, know (roughly) what Im doing. One wall of new work (=have to take stuff from studio ) and under -the- stairs- wall with the food pix newly-returned from Rouvenac.
Gracie will have the rest with the three-tiered stand for her creatures and any left over go back into storage. Thats the hard part as getting them up the dusty space is a crippler for me.Bob's offered to help...

29 04 2016 Friday

Terrible photo, dont think the pics that bad... who knows. Almost invisible nightingale :)
Yesterday almost entirely devoted to cleaning and moving stuff -  have returned to the summer house - and washing what seems to be every sheet and duvet cover in Esperaza. Still drying, still washing. Moved single bed from studio which has freed up some space - really must get to the garage today to sort out the exhibition for weds, the OFF Artistes a Suivre.

Tuesday 26 April 2016

26 04 2016

finished La Rossignol - with the addition of a tiny nightingale. Like it though haven't taken a photo yet - too knackered. Its been a long haul, that one. Had another go at one of the little nude and animal ones but ghastly, camp, kitch - cleaned pallette, a rare and exciting moment.


26 04 2016

nearly, nearly - photo in B and W because its all too bright. 
Realised after the sleepless night that comes with a near-conclusion, that its about nightingales. Given up on the previous policical/  sexual politics direction. I want something I want to look at that will give me pleasure and fill me with joy as the nightingales song does. 
Heres the disruptive parrot.

Monday 25 April 2016

25 04 2016 monday

Tinkering, though 2 nearly tinkered-to-death; perhaps thats a new definition of 'finished'.
Bob arrives today, Allenna leaves tomorrow. Apart from a mid-week dinner invitation, nothing in the diary... fantasising about locking myself in and coming to grips.

So tierd that all I can do is put on paint, which is another way of painting. Normally I'm ideas led. Where do ideas come from? The putting-on-of-paint, of course.

Saturday 23 April 2016

23 04 2016 Saturday

- nothing quite as intimidating as a clear day; nevertheless, did paint and at length. Nothing resolved but tinkering on.

Uneasy background panic about the 40 pix that arent ready for the August show.

Sold the drawing I took into Le 98 at Carcassonne, which was a surprise. The second sale there. Perhaps there is a market for small, framed, wall hung work. I have a great deal... have to start preparing for the Artistes a suivre soon.

Got weekend guests so only this morning to work. Better get going -

Thursday 21 April 2016

21 04 2016

Painting happily despite continual interuptions - if not from extreme socail life then from the parrot, who is still cross.
Tomorrow totally clear.
Stuff in place.

Wednesday 20 April 2016

20 04 2016 Weds

Back from London with a nasty cold - is there any other sort? - which began as the customary asthmatic inability to breathe followed by something rattling in my chest. 
Started on the river boat on trip back to Woolwich and proceeded to flatten me with sweaty high temps and raw coughing. Anyway, boring boring, nearly gone now and I am taking it easy.

Which is why, having returned on Sunday night, today is the first studio day. Continual interuptions, builders, repairers, preparers...had offered apero to some friends tonight but cancelled in favour of sleep. Unusually calm after interuptions. Suppose there is no spare energy for rage :)

Was unwilling to finish this beast (Thoth, bringer of art) (and WiFi, presumably) Having clocked that didnt want to part with him decided to finish despite the fact it could use some more work. I have indeed changed it a bit since this photo. 
But enough. 
There are six other canvases awaiting completion.. 

Didn't get to see much in London.  Went to the Secret RCA party and was glad though so saddened by the massive amount of young artists just starting out. Met with Peter Clossick who is doing well, just won two big prizes and made a vast sale. Well done him. 
Went to the Delacroix, bloody great - at last, paint!! - Left the catalogue in London. Hoping to see it soon.
Went to the Jerwood in Hastings to see the Bratby. Paint. Lots!! 

Lunched with Benjamin who tells me that the gallery is doing really badly, no sales, his pitch to the young rich isn't working out and the other galleries are in trouble too. He thinks that these unceratin times are to blame.

Tango has got bad in my absense, he used to hang about happily in the studio but today was throwing things about and making sudden noises. Guessing its a complaint and hoping he'll calm down.

Tuesday 5 April 2016

05 04 2016 tues

Off to England tomorrow and had hoped to move the paintings along a bit; -so, unbelievably, the dog was very very sick from top and bottom in the night, in the studio and kitchen and bathroom so this morning was a slow and careful clean-up op featuring toxic chemicals. 
Yesterday in what was no doubt an act of displacement therapy l moved bookcases and carpets in the study, after going to Carcassonne to replace a painting that has been sold (hurrah)

Today, with the dust AND the bleach I can hardly breathe. Galloping asthma. Looking forward to the coach ride to Victoria, nothing but sleep and doozing and hopefully filtered air.

Gave Le 98 a drawing of my mother, Cynthia - above - she died 4 years ago. 
The Bugarach trip was fairly pointless, no work done due to weather and circumstances. Took loads of photos thinking thay'd be good references - and wiped them off the camera in error. Sometimes you just have to lie down and wait for it all to pass.
Sent Harry the large portrait of Simon which is going to Andy by La Poste. 11.21 kilos; 64 euros. Pas mal.