Sunday 26 June 2022

27 06 2022

 '...subjects in a 2011 study showed markedly different neurological activation in response to images they were told were painted by Rembrandt compared with images they were told were copies of his work. This occurred whether or not the paintings were genuine (the investigators randomised the descriptions) suggesting that our conscious beliefs about an image can shape our biological response to it' 

[p33 LRB Jan 2022, ref David Freedberg, Iconoclasm, Chicago 2021]

Saturday 25 June 2022

25 06 2022

 Safely in France, thanking the powers-that-be; felt so ill on my journeying never thought I'd make it. After a deal of sleep I'm almost human. 

Considering my position with painting - which I'm anxious to take up again - realise the problem is an inability to make decisions. Naturally this is a problem that will hobble me. More sleep should do it -

The sweet Auberge de Faby want me to show there again. Very touched (historic reasons) Happily agreed even though its the food paintings they want - certainly I have enough, plus catalogues; why ever not??

Saturday 18 June 2022

18 06 2022

 Wallowing in the renaissance today at the National Gallery. Easier and possibly more rewarding than the Uffizi; certainly cheaper (even if we did take the boat home) (Riverboat to Woolwich, nothing more -)

Stunned by the expertise of colour, knowing what limited ingredients the paints held. These guys really were masters. I love the stories they tell, the saints  and all - have photos but nothing not already known to me.

Longing to get back to work.

Wednesday 15 June 2022

15 06 2022

In Brussels, where the symbolist stuff in the royal palace is spectacular - mostly men being destroyed by women and the like. Or just death. 
above; Satans Treasures, Jean Delville 1867-1953)

 above;  Carcass by Gustav Adolf Mossa (1883-1971) The ones without artists names Ive forgotten but will look up... had nightmares about this lot and the rest last night.

Tuesday 14 June 2022

14 06 2022

 In Belgium, having left the conference in Leuven (great; clever people, made new friends) 

Today visited the Magritte museum and all my prejudices confirmed. Not a painter. 

Booked tickets for eurostar London at vast expense, hey ho. But happy enough. People here interesting and almost as well read as me hoho. Would happily come back. Tomorrow going to see symbolists and hopefully Ensor. Health scary, when isn't it; this morning it was so odd I took a covid test. 

Still not got it. Phew.

Been asked to keep the Fa expo up for another month - delighted, accepted. Will change  over some paintings when I get back, end of June-ish.

Tuesday 7 June 2022

07 06 2022

Just back from the Alps and a pilgrimage to the church on the plateau d'assy. Still knockout though perturbed that the Bonnard is sinking somewhat. I fear it is fresco'd (though it might be on linen pushed into the plaster) - still an amazing and inspirational thing. It's of St Francois de Sales visiting the sick.

And I did some drawing, as life returns to me - clocking up images and ideas again. However, packing for conference in Leuven after which I must go to London to get Bobs meds - but with Allenna, which will be fun.

Drawing underwhelming, I grant, but ...