Thursday 15 September 2016

15 09 2016

Think she'll do... surprising, how many images of the Magdalene exist and how haunting they are. Most of the decisions that made this pic are references, either accepting or denying - in future I'm sticking to the unlauded or at any rate unpainted.

Another three saints are plodding on. I'm not too focused; things looming. Bobs return, London trip, talk at Leeds. Shudder.

Tuesday 13 September 2016

14 09 2016

No painting done but have cleaned studio - that is to say, restored some equipment to its homes and hoovered up bird seed, paint and parrot shit.
Rather intimidated by it now. Looks enormous.

Saturday 10 September 2016

10 09 2016 Sat

 Voila; St John of Beverly, advisor to the Hairy Hermit and banner maker; and St Ann, matron, mother of the BVM. Magdelene on the go.
Decided I dont like Zita but will wait tillmore done to have a cull.

Friday 9 September 2016

09 09 2016 Friday

The worst thing about the saints' paintings in not usng their symbols. Thats how they are usually identified and I decided early on not to, just to do the portraits.
Might have to change this stricture - or I end up with a bunch of heads. With texts.

Stilll struggling with St John of Beverly whom I like so much I am reluctant to part with (that is, finish ...)
Hacking away at St Ann, mother of BVM.  In the day she was shown as triumverate - her, holding Mary and JC. Very like a female balance to the trinity sculptures. Her emblem is, of all things, a door. Enticing! Though it stands in, I think, for the archway under which she and Joachim (?or whoever) met and 'recognised' that she was pregnant.

Beautifully under-documented; crops up on the Protoevangelium of James,( regarded as 'unreliable' by 4 Popes so can't be all bad - ) I only knew her as the woman who taught Mary to read which must have been a remarkable thing at that time. It waas only the artists that carried on that tradition.

...custom and tradition. Thats what Im looking for. The Magdalen fits the brief...

Tuesday 6 September 2016

06 09 2016

Beginning to panic at what is and isn't being achieved... been getting material together for Jim Barty to make my new website ( Trying to knock it together before leaving for London, when I trust I will have a fancy visitors card to leave about the place.
So what was a simple notion based on Peter Clossicks admirable site has already become complicated. Can't help it. I thought a tool bar with Available Work, Past Work (no more than 10 per section)CV, contact and links would do fine. Then in crept notions... censored is now another button, which required essay writing and research, and Jim says to illustrate my CV and hes right.
For the censorship stuff I had to get the year from my CV; look up the press book for that year; go through my engagement diary ditto and uncover the whole story. Emotionally knackering and time consuming but censorship is an issue that figures - just sent him all that anyway, now for a walk to clear my head and on with the art.
And to put all these files away.