Wednesday 25 September 2013

25th sept 2013

still in London, show done well, closes Sunday. Some nice press that I cant download. No complaints, esp as sold 13 pics and can now carry on working with a sense of being able.
BUT the asthma that has crippled me through the summer re-emerged as soon as I arrived in Blighty so I headed for the doctor, who strangely is French. He thinks it isn't asthma, its heart; now Im staying on for tests. Only doing this because Im actually handicapped by whatever ails me. Breathless, exhausted. So it needs to be explored. Oh and Im very anaemic - with luck that's all.
Depressed at having to stay here but will use the place, have bought paper and some materials and will start some studies. Bob leaves for France on Weds... start thurs, I guess.

Wednesday 4 September 2013

4th sept weds

Bob has driven the carefully packed paintings to London, including those that have sold in advance. Get that, eh... A couple from the brochure, five from internet. Many people say they are coming to the private view.  Its quite hard to be negative in the face of all this but naturally I'm terrified and see much horror ensuing.
Have written the notes on the making of some of the big ones, inc supporting drawing - daft and pointless - but done, as requested by gallery.
Oh, Galleries( the listing magazine) have put a photo ad on the contents page which  couldn't be better. Good.

So. Today I laminate the notes so they can be laid on a table or blu-tacked to a wall. Have hoovered studio:) Well, half of it. Can't bear to go in the half that has unfinished work everywhere.

Little packing to do, off on Friday. Back ASAP.