Thursday 31 October 2013

31 oct 2013 thursday

Yesterday did a hard copy of this diary and today read it. Ive been ill ALL YEAR. Its starts in January. Whilst in London after the show submitted to various tests and theres internal bleeding but no apparent source, hence the anemia. Leaving here on Sat to return to see specialist. And in the meantime my brother is in hospital with a stroke (=getting better), other friends are ill - and another has dropped dead in the street of a heart attack. He was so sweet, I met him when he wanted to  film me working and loved my drawing- hey ho.
No  work today. Too much happening around me, housework stuff, health stuff. Tomorrow is the Day of the Dead:) National holiday. Maybe work then when alls quiet.

Wednesday 30 October 2013

30 oct 2013

finished - really - this yesterday. Only a question of fiddling, plus the flags and tightening the angel. Was going to spent this whole day painting but firstly knackered, then the news that my brother is in hospital with a stroke which makes the job of painting seem silly. Don't know what else to do though

Tuesday 29 October 2013

29th Oct 2013

Back at work... or very nearly. Did a couple of studio hours this morning - no, three - and am totally knackered. Perhaps Im not as well as I thought I was (on iron for the aneamia)

Drawing yesterday was a treat, young Marie worked her butt off and I like some of the results.

This is Francesca, done in Peter Glossicks  class in Greenwich. An obvious Death and the Maiden :) but not I think interesting enough to persue. Curious that the elements should be in place, the mirror, the skeleton, the clock and of course the girl.
Will think about it some other time.

Monday 14 October 2013

14 10 2013

Back in Esperaza, allelujia - arrived yesterday, able to go drawing today. Found that the shortness of the poses is a difficulty, fighting against the clock rather than coming to grips with the work. Ryan modeled, very good, lyrical even but I made several pigs ears of it.
Not had a chance to set foot in the doubtless dusty studio yet.
Above from Greenwich Time ...a little bit baffling but enthusiastic:)

Saturday 5 October 2013

october 5th 2013

this from the Greenwich gallery talk - dont know if it counts as work.
Closed the show, very glad to put it behind me. Peter called the business of showing 'the terror'; very good description of putting the head over the parapet that is showing your work.
Other than that have been drawing with Peters group and loved it - fabulous model, Santosh, I think a Tamil - and a body-worker, with swollen muscles and the gentle chiseled face of a buddah. First drawing for an age. One or two have some mileage. Going on Monday night to another group all being well.
Whilst stuck in London (Im waiting on medical tests) doing as much networking at the studiods and visiting of expos as I can. Interesting to see whats about. Not rewarding, not pleasing, not challenging. But interesting:)