Tuesday 29 September 2020

30 09 2020

shaping up - peacock rationalized, glazes begun. But today; off to the sea-side! Will take drawing book.


29 09 2020

 ENTIRE day yesterday spent on line, trying to sort site. Big thanks to Dave, who is the nuts and bolts man and is despairing of me. I don't know simple computer terms, initials always fog me, passwords? Quoi? So a disaster.

...All began when I found that Jim, local magic man, had somewhat lost the plot. No longer has a computer let alone remembering anything pertaining to my site, which he built and maintained for several years. Site disappeared. Jim knows nothing. LCN.com (who they?) have taken money from my bank account for some service pertaining to this site but they don't acknowledge the missing money nor what it is for and... anyway, deep breath, that's where Scottish Dave appeared and offered to help. He has set up a new site with some elements of the old incorporated. We spent time- time!- yesterday trying to perform various allegedly simple tricks which have not yet moved the agenda forward on account of I haven't been able to make anything work.

The plan was to take down old work and put up new, priced, so there is a guideline for buyers. To update the CV. And if poss anything else useful.

Going to think now. I'm not sure that folk use websites anymore accept as quick references. Will try to find another way of showing work and explaining pricing structure, flaunting extensive CV.

And muse on the total stupidity of my chosen profession... oh apropos,  had a request for a copy of a painting I did in 1983! Really cant be done. 

Friday 25 September 2020

25 09 2020

 The elk/library not workable till much dryer - want to glaze building and change sky (=twilight proper) so devoted myself to this boy before realising that I've done him before, back in the 1970s... the potter ram-headed god creator. Overwhelmed with ennui.

Wanted to take the day out and hang out in Carcassonne and though the virus has mutated and aint as bad as it was, its now far more frequent which alarms me. Bob has offered to drive me to a couple of stores and I've accepted, despite the miserable rain. In the meantime Tris is working in the garage so I went there to check the paintings weren't being destroyed - and they were. Accordingly have spent the morning re-arranging the stock and taking home the sold painting, which had been left with the corner of another picture dug into it.

Need another plan if I'm going to save work. Think I'II stick with the ennui and take up something that has no storage issues.

Wednesday 23 September 2020

24 08 2020

 nearly, nearly, nearly.... and the ram headed one too. Bob being really generous in making time for me. Now feeling urgent as MUST get fresh meat to website (Scottish D volunteered) and next week want to start work on arts/sciences' paper - not due till december but would like it addressed.

And having tomorrow off, in Carcassonne. Needful distance.

Tuesday 22 September 2020

22 09 2020

snatching what time I can from other necessary stuff.... all will be well. Deep breath.

Sunday 20 September 2020

20 09 2020

moved on a fair bit since this was taken... so nearly finished that the anxiousness is done and I can leave it to dry before hacking a final tranche though it. It is surprisingly depressing. The lack of people, the animals re-claiming. Like the riderless horses in D Jones work...  
lovely day. messing with Claudine at the vide grenier. Hot sun, quiet life.


Friday 18 September 2020

18 09 2020

 Today is  clear, straight to work.... but no, I have a head full of other things. Chiefly the Russian conference which I did on Zoom over the last two days (different from the Cybersoc zoom) (Quite different)

I'm still artist-in-[virtual-]residence. What to do? All that was of interest - apart from the looming extinction and inability to deal with it - were the reflections of  screens in eyeglasses, leading to a recursive nightmare. 

Have agreed to write a paper and enact a session for CyberSoc which also needs thought. Or rather the thoughts need editing. Mind chaotic and hardly surprising.

Thursday 17 September 2020

17 09 2020

 Not a foot set in studio yesterday... bopping about with Max in the morning ( v nice) and zooming with Russia and WOSC in the afternoon. Not got great hopes for today. Expecting electric/gas engineer for annual check and then more zooming with Russia. Treating this as a precursor for the residency which will presumably happen next year. 

Wednesday 16 September 2020

16 09 2020

This has moved on since I took the pic; now with added birds and hey ho an emerging monster. Its life sans humans - with new species and emerging monsters, seems to be my current theme.

But today, off to the Musee Petiet with Max, shopping and lunch before another zoom conference. This is the WOSC one and therefore regardable as a part of my residency with them. Am I still committed to time based work? Who knows??? But must start the process. Whatever it is.

Tuesday 15 September 2020

15 09 2020

 Managed a fair old crack yesterday and have today clear until 6.00 as of now.... but the call of the hills is strong :) Think I will take a drawing book up Mont Marot.

Sunday 13 September 2020

14 09 2020

 Conference good, provoking as always. Have accepted some sort of role as advisor, which is faintly bizarre. Today David arrives for Chez Francois and I'm doing lunch; we have a breakfast booked with Louise and Norbert; and I have Robins paperwork to finish. Fairly confident I can get some afternoon time in and the ideas are rattling. Think I know what to do with the current mess. Despite being away from the easel, its clear that a break is a Good Thing.

Melis link:


13 09 2020

 Yesterdays conference, wonderful, marred by the news that Bernard has an inoperable cancer.

Going back to the conference today, hoping to think my way through this news, somehow -

and Meli has put her interview with me on line and I've forgotten the address.

Friday 11 September 2020

12 09 2020

Finished. That is to say, cant be doing with more and it rather frightens me (in my dream it was growling at me). Below, in process..

 This weekend will be spent at an on-line conference, but with luck this will lead to new thoughts :) Could use them.

Thursday 10 September 2020

10 09 2020

Changed a lot since these changes... 

 Usual moan about constant interruptions - though Bob has sweetly taken on the mantle of todays housework and cooking. And gone out. Its the frustration at the end of a pic that does it, needs more concentration than I can muster. Perhaps I should get drunk occasionally, too tight.

Tuesday 8 September 2020

09 09 2020

Monday and Tuesday spent in near despair on computer - two computers and a mobile - trying to Get Things Done. How do people live with these things, day after day? I can do an hour or two but after that - anything that could go wrong, did; to the extent it became quite funny. The final outcome then couldn't be sent because the recipient - the bank, who needed the info to open Robins account - didn't work. Bounced back, not there.  I couldn't print, of course and etc. 
Did it all eventually. Put in envelope. Delivered by hand. Could have illuminated the whole thing on vellum quicker.
And my web site is down and the hosters have been paid for it. Dave McG took up the cause, bless him, and has opened it in another something, so some of it is there.

Then the huge excitement. Farting around on line realised my Fb stuff was dull and changed a picture, below, which promptly sold, see above! Most good news. Martin P may becoming from Switzerland to collect...

They clearly have a dog who resembles the little beast of the painting but its still a sale. And it is startlingly like.

Sunday 6 September 2020

07 09 2020

 Nearly done with this, thinking of calling it Chronos Thinking About Pudding - but I'd have to spend hours explaining it to people, bah. Will be able to finish today unless I fuck up. Taking Bob for bloods but after that, the day is mine.

Thursday 3 September 2020

03 09 2020

 Pretty crap drawings at Caune Minervois, I think ( haven't looked, actually) and today's drawing at Limoux with Philippe didn't really happen but was fun and a good learning thang. Have to start buying Le Monde Diplomatique - once a month with no propaganda and great way to get better French, he says. Place in chaos, radiators and walls being addressed so dust and nothing where it should be. Who cares.