Friday 26 February 2021

26. 02. 2021

 Fiddling so much had to physically remove the damn thing from the studio - worked on it late last night (=artificial light) so hit it again at dawn just after 7.00am. 

The picture of the enfolding-flame experience is unresolvable. Will ignore until further notice - or until I need the canvas, whichever comes first - keeping it as a vivid souvenir. Today my back is wretched, ha, wearing a corset.

Wednesday 24 February 2021

24 02 2021

 the changes may look small... b ut its all rather delicate. Cant work it under artificial light anymore. Will probably abandon soon though that forearm is giving me grief.

In fact, it'll have to be turned to the wall, left to dry, then re-attacked.

Tuesday 23 February 2021

23 02 2021

 very strange experience last night - well, 5.ooish in the morning. 

I was wrapped in a flame, slowly - very hot indeed but not sweaty hot, just incredibly hot. I knew to relax into it and it covered me to my feet, moving slowly, then retreated from the feet and up and off. It felt like a healing thing. I'm not ill, as far as I know! But enjoyed it fabulously. Woke late - 8.00ish - felt great and have done all day.

Assuming this is a physiological experience and not a mystical one. No voices. But the painting of Denizens of the air may be getting to me hohoo.

Monday 22 February 2021

27. 02. 2021

Jolly pretty pic of the denizens of the air, unfinished (interrupted) actually been quietly on the go for a few days... and below, a thing I've been messing with for every. Done with it now though.


Friday 19 February 2021

19 02 2021

 Surprisingly complex for such a simple pic.... though not half as complicated as the current oeuvre, Bright Denizens of the Air (Can't remember source of title, Blake perhaps?)

So loving these modern paints.

Wednesday 17 February 2021

18 12 2021

had to retract delight in iridescent purple - :)  but cobalt sits prettily on it. Notwithstanding, had to give up this picture as it was depressing me too much. Poor beasts.
A slightly more cheerful companion piece. Not sure what is going on - some sort of joyful escape - but the paint is just lovely.


17 02 2021

 ...of course as we are extinct so the domestic critters die too. Frightfully depressing. Wish I could think of  some jolly pix - but then I do dinky. Oh well, this is nearly finished. 

Studio light not good yet, the season is wrong. Not unpleasant but having to use artificial light all day.

Sunday 14 February 2021

15 02 2021

 Reorganising and cleaning here... and between times, this has slipped in. Unfinished but I like the direction :) Seems to me that its a series about post-humans . Daisy chain an anachronism. 

Saturday 13 February 2021

13 02 2021

...nothing done, though I have gesso'd four new 60 x 60 canvases. Hoping the size will encourage me to drop the dinky. And been informing myself; zoom with the Warburg on renaissance philosophy, specifically Pico - address by Brian Copenhaver who is one mean scholar. Very taken with Jill Kaye who commented on the talk. Must keep an eye out for her work.

Useful word, Schwarmerei. Literally translates as enthusiasm. In fact means facile, fatuous and delusional enthusiasm. A person with this characteristic is a schwarmer.

One of the other things to emerge is that Acts of Worship are an extinction of selfhood as a consequence of mystical union. Which leads me to another zoom, a Cybersoc - there can be no learning without action (and of course no action without learning) 

Don't want to synthesise either talk. Just ponderin'. Art; what is it good for??? 

Monday 8 February 2021

08 02 2021

 - bit of fiddling. Mostly writing Saints up. Going quite easily except my body objects to sitting in front of a screen all day. Changed height of machine, nature of cushion, all that - but I think I just have to ration the time on machine.

Saturday 6 February 2021

06 02 2021

 Happily - tra la la - this blog is turning out to be useful. Working on the texts for the saints, who now number 40, and since the loss of my notes (?) and the failure of my site, I can find the bones here. Getting sorted.  This is to distract me from W Prang which I'm increasingly assuming is impossible.

Did a bit of painting, minor in every sense. 

Wednesday 3 February 2021

03 02 2019

 Been overpainting but this remains - like it - 

also been going through this blog for info about the saints series of 2016. My tone is most depressing. It is the same voice; I'm sick of the sound of it. Why aren't I growing? Too old to change?

Tuesday 2 February 2021

02 02 2021

 Totally destroyed last pix - in fact today plan to physically cut that last into pieces and save the bits I like . Lack of focus to blame, or simple vacuity. 

Yesterday spend most of the day on the paperwork for the insurers re Bobs illness - a fair old sum, so necessary but hugely horrid. Other than that have retrieved, snapped, dated, sized and notebooked the saints - there are 35 that are usable. Bob thinks a catalogue should  be created. I'm thinking of the texts, the stories about each of them - laborious. They pose good questions but not sure if anyone but me is interested.

In theory, have today clear. In practice, I'm about to be called to do nurse stuff and don't want to start work till that's over. Interruptions far worse than late start.