Monday 30 May 2016

31 05 2016 Tuesday

Mermaid Ascending a Staircase :) Done, probably.

Drawing yesterday unmemorable, Maire modeled and was fatigued. lack-lusture response from the artists, me included.

Saturday 28 May 2016

28 05 2016 Saturday

mermaids :)
off to dinner now (at La Claranda, where my pictures are up), friends arriving to morrow - at least have something to think about for a few days.

Thursday 26 May 2016

27 05 2016 Friday

ugh. Yet it has potential and I like it. Its not as comic as it looks. And the transparent Paynes grey is a delightwith the Lukas emerald.
No work this morning, going for massage with a friend. Maybe that'll clear my head?

Wednesday 25 May 2016

25 05 2016

good days painting yesterday and I like the picture but its undeniably comic; which is not my intention.
Todays work will be to start again having put it away thogh so far instead  of hot-footing it to the studio Ive washed up and made marmalade- displacement activites. Now Im writing this.

Monday 23 May 2016

24 05 2016 Tuesday

Yesterdays drawing was just dreadful - except for a few early-on drawings like these two - afterwards I used heavy somerset paper and watercolour and learnt nothing. Frustrating. Mairee modelled and worked hard for us, 10-odd artists. Disturbed and annoyed by most of them as I failed to focus.

 Today plan to try a nude ascending a staircase.

Wednesday 18 May 2016

18 05 2016

Hung La Clarada show... easy, as Agnes and Ivan were early and we just loaded the large truck/car thing (whatever it was) with my boxes - then the selection was simple because I didnt pack any tools so only those that were pre-strung could be hung. Nice people, nice owner, all straightforward.
Tomorrow is a strike day which is a drag as Im off to Gaillac for a couple of days. Determined to go. My phone isnt working so Im expecting adventures.

Monday 16 May 2016

17 05 2016 tuesday

Took yesterday off - Pentecost and the sun shone - dreamed an entire painting- woke ready to enact and realised, Ive already done it :) Pointless actually making it.
Which is as well as hanging the Claranda show tomorow and have to get the work ready today, selection, pricing and etc. Overwhelmed by indifference.

The painting ws largely black with a horse drawn into the paint and a person walking alongside. Might try a daylight version. Sometime, off to Galliac  on Thursday for a few days.

Did draw yesterday morning, Fabienne modelling. Because Ive known her body for sooo long now was able to take a lot of chances and though some are a bit chi chi there are some that might be useful.

Sunday 15 May 2016

15 05 2016 Sunday

Not even got the energy to clean the studio. Can make my vague notions come to any sort of vision. Grumpy and lost. Lalala.

Friday 13 May 2016

14 05 2016 Sat

DID finish, didnt (I think) fuck up... spent yesterday evening in a delirium of happiness which has faded this morning to my usual state of anxiety.
Theres a small one left over from the religious oppression series which I should finish but don't like. And several primed canvases awaiting an idea - though I quite like the notion of pursuing Orpheus through his many stages. Here is the charming youth, yet to meet Eurydice -

Thursday 12 May 2016

13 05 2015 Friday

 This Orpheus is the hardest thing done for an age and l'm happy with the resolution - though nervous as I need to alter the savage animals, some bird shadow and add a snake ... all opportunities to fuck  up.

Nessim was the model and the added illustrations (magnetism?) came in handy - from the encyclopedia it was drawn on - hoping they can be interpreted as a reference to sound waves. Whatever. Look like instruments, anyway. Got some time this morning, lots this afto - should be finished today if Im not reckless .

Tuesday 10 May 2016

11 05 2016 Weds

Two finished yesterday and the Orphic one cracking on -
Girl with rabbits too chi chi but it was a fight to get it to that point and Im loathe to bin it. Whereas the other is opening new doors for me that I dont yet understand.
Getting to work early, finishing late - apart from the coffee machine breaking and tripping the house, all is lovely.

Wednesday 4 May 2016

05 05 2016 thursday

- Havent got time to write this but feel the need to check out whats happening. Artistes a suivre started yesterday and Gracie and I opened the garage. We went  to the opening and when we returned to the garage Bob had sold 6 of Gracies pieces - lovely though she is low on stock now!!!
I was asked to price 2 and obviously got it wrong as the punter didnt return - but its early yet.

Last few days spent getting the space ready and arranging stuff so no painting done, but I think I can use this time to varnish some pictures that need it - they are stored there so I might as well. Slightly worried about dust on the surface but it would be the same in the studio, probably.

Hassled because Yuri arrives today and its a national holiday and public transport is the sunday service. Hoping he'll get here OK whilst at the same time cleaning, for no housework has been done for some time. Should be cleaning the bathroom now. That sounds easy, but its fulll of books and magazines and papers as well as the usual and and and I'd better crack on.
Once Ive found the varnish.

10 -6 in the garage for the next 4 days. Ugh. Better be worth it.