Saturday 30 March 2019

30 03 2019

... still waiting technical stuff from Allenna but have signed off in my heart. Diligent inquiry reveals that word/ paintbox and other simple stuff I already have will do what I need. Hurrah. When the scanning is done, will do it myself - I know whats needful, after all.
Today is clean studio, finish dreadful toches et clochers pic., cook dinner for mates. Apart from hole in face from  missing crown, terrifically happy. Getting finished on a loooooong project is brill. And dentist on Monday.

Friday 29 March 2019

29 03 2019

awaiting some technical info from Allenna and then my bit done. However; talking with designer realised he hasn't got a v clear idea of what is needed and furthermore expects over 3 grand to do it, badly. On the one hand that's what the funding is for. On the other, if I had a suitable design programme I could do it. Anally retentive?  Am asking around about simple and cheap design packages.

Wednesday 27 March 2019

27 03 2019

nearly... had a good incisive day and hope for more of that today. Activated designer, Kate to scan work. Thence to funders. Well, after I've finished it. Promised for next week to begin scans. Bob back tonight.

Tuesday 26 March 2019

26 03 2019 Tuesday

Had a clear run at the band dessine yesterday and am getting nearer the end... have a clear day today. Not sure if it should be oven-ready before I sign it off - there are various tweaks needed - oh yeah, like correcting some of the technical info the various cyberneticians have labelled wrong. They do not always agree. If it gets as far as the designer there will be changes needed for sure so that's why I hesitate to pronounce it done. That and the fact it ain't.
Have sneaked to the easel in between times and wrestled the T et C painting to the ground. Might work after all though undeniably kitch. Appropriate perhaps.

Saturday 23 March 2019

23 03 2019 Sat

Dreadful watercoluring at Arques - why do I persist tin thinking I should be able to do everything? Suppose there is something to be learnt if I'm that bad at it.
Expecting a visit from Philippe this morning and Jim is coming to set up a new computer this afternoon.

Friday 22 March 2019

22 03 2019

been absent, too much fun - guilty enough to be writing mournful poetry, a bad sign. And dreams, alas. Away today doing landscapes at Arques which will be refreshing.I trust. Sat spoken for, Sunday ditto - which leaves Monday and Tuesday before Bob returns. Fighting panic.

Wednesday 20 March 2019

20 03 2019 Weds

Plodding on... wearisome. It shows. Want to return to the easel :)

Monday 18 March 2019

18 03 2019

-anticipated returning to work this morning after a weekend of putting my house in order. Instead have to go to Quillan - x-ray for Ian, shopping for parrots (on behalf of rather than getting new ones) as Bob off to UK for a week. THEN will get some work done. If I haven't lost the will to live by then. Sigh.

Friday 15 March 2019

15 03 2019 Friday

Just back from England and burying Dave. Dreadfully saddened by it all though it was clear he had had a successful and rewarding and etc etc life. Just missing him.
Didn't have the heart to meet with friends or do much beyond gloomy wanderings. Saw the Dorothea Tanning Show at the Tate Mod. Preferred the show Marcus helped arrange in France for her 100th birthday ( Seillians on 10th July 2010.)
Oh and went to the first night of the ENO's new production of the Magic Flute. Granted you can't go wrong with jolly Mozart but it was brilliant, the design magic. ahem. Also they laboured the masonic ethos, which gave me a deal of joy.

Thursday 7 March 2019

07 03 2019

Despite being desperately unfocused, managed a few pages... no ink in Caca (!!) have ordered it on line but it makes life harder for the work. Bob will bring some back from Blighty tomorrow. So I can also print my boarding card as leave for Daves funeral on Sunday.
Made notes for the Spencer Brown talk, have a better idea of whats going on which is as well, its due in on the 11th.
Read the Cybernetic Brain - what a book! Andy Pickering astonishingly good. Really helpful though sad for me to read the lives of people I knew so well and miss - apart from Stafford, Gordon Pask is still a hole in my life. Must remember to take his portrait along with S-B's to Liverpool. And some of Stafford, I guess.

Tuesday 5 March 2019

05 03 2019

Hastily putting together my application for this years' Magrie show - how time flies - this blog has been invaluable as the stuff I want to put in hasn't been photographed. But here it all is - somewhere - and easy enough to print poor quality illustrations. They need better stuff later, for the initial application this is ok.
Off to carcassonne now - need ink, paper, see the CPAM people about my disappeared carte vitale.

Monday 4 March 2019

04 03 2019

I do pages and am overwhelmed by inadequacy . Last night reckoned up the hours spent and decided, no point in not finishing. Now just cracking on, editing the early pages. Many cyberneticians have left remarks on post-it notes with greater or lesser degrees of legibility and sense. 
It's raining and the light is grey and perfect for the job. I'm wasting time writing this; avoidance tactics.