Wednesday 29 July 2015

29 july, Weds, 2015

Asthma yesterday after packing work, not much use for anything. Today dosen't feel too good either. But did get off the stuff for DRAWN, minus cover which I have no sense (of except I have and its not good.) Registerd, dispatched. Clearing up the bits and pieces now.
Hoping to get the rest of the neotebooks into exhibitable shape, then can maybe do some actual painting... even a bit of drawing would be nice, sigh.

Monday 27 July 2015

27th July, Monday; 2015

 Mike Harrison took these two bundles at breakfast this morning, drilled through them and bolted them together by the afternoon;  very pleased with them.
Then Alicia downloaded the pictures for the catalogue and the texts so they are ready to go.
The only thing I've done for myself is pack up the paintings for the Avignon show - which unfortunately has flattened me on account of the huge quantities of dust involved.
       Could be worse.

Have given up on the catalogue cover, totally baffled. Tried everything I thought would work and its crap. Will hand over the the designer unless something hits between now and Weds (tomorrow all spoken for... domestic stuff, Alicias birthday lunch, Rachels visit) Mounting panic.

Friday 24 July 2015

24th 07 2015 Friday

 Today was the day I had decided was the last day to edit the catalogue and so I did. Feeling smug, printed it off and compared all the info - the titles, the texts, the designers instructions and their relationships with the photos of the (re-numbered) drawings. By number 5 it was in chaos and I was in tail-spin, again.

Nice cup of tea, deep breaths, now done.

Started on the front and back cover - spine, what?? - and acknowledgements.

Will spend this evening ironing as friends arriving tomorrow and want it out of the way - Phillipe in morning, Margo and Theo overnighting - by sunday all will be crystal clear. Ready for dispatch.

Heres two more bundles, wrapped in clear sticky plastic and sellotape. Favorite things, always. Now out of both but will restock...

Thursday 23 July 2015

23/07/2015 Thursday

Had a sykpe conversation with my designer, the saintly Roger Kohn,  who has announced that it will be tough to get the book done in time for the launch on account of the pressure of other work. He wants the finished texts and photos oven-ready asap. Tail spin here. HOW can it be so difficult? After going through everything today I'm without basic info on 2 drawings and lo! Can't find the drawings. Guess I can just make up the info, why would anyone check/care/ give a toss?? Im such a purist - I'd know if I got it wrong.

If I don't find them first thing, then I have to guess at it all. Can't hold the project up on account of being a pendant.

Have managed to rename the files and if I can find out how to get them onto disc, thay at least are done...

So, Nil, done by the weekend. Check over Sat and Sun (visitors Margo and Theophile won't take up that much time) then registered post on Monday. Which gives several days to get the show near Avignon sorted. Bob left today, back Weds., plenty of free time.

Oh, I miss actually doing art -

and nowhere near the installation completion. But plenty of time on that. Honest.

Monday 20 July 2015

20th July, Monday 2015

Getting too pretty?? The prettiest has drawings of Staffords dying - took days to do that one.
 Probably time to change tack.

So; this morning spoke with gallery man and all is good. The place is near Avignon (his house is Nice, not the gallery-) He wants me to bring 6-10 large, 12 small, all good. I was fretting all night. Why?? The heat probably but I worry about showing, it has the potential for so much humiliation.

However; he began our conversation by saying that he had trained as a painter and that I was painting what he wanted to paint. Technically marvellous without being academic. So I relaxed immediately, whilst wondering if he told this to all his artists. Even so, shows willing :)

We drive there on the 1st August, stay overnight, return the 2cnd in time for Bobs family on the 3rd.

Waiting in hope for the weather  to cool, thence to the garage and selection, packing. He wants catalogues and CV and stuff, sensibly.
Still not altogether easy about this.

Saturday 18 July 2015

18th July, Saturday 2015

Mayor and team arrived to check out garage - terribly hot day so hardly any punters but did sell a small painting in the morning. Bob very helpful, bought lunch in and let me out from time to time. Did more knitting.

Friday 17 July 2015

17th July Friday 2015

 More.... very mixed about all this. Just found small drawings of my father dying. Thats big, I grant you, but the minutiae of life are just as disturbing... the gigs, the lovers, the animals. Ive drawn so much. As pointless as photos.
 Today hanging the show for Esperaz'art which opens tomorrow. Going through old work, my god I'II be lucky if I get through this time without topping myself.
On the plus (possibly) the gallery in Nice has  OK'd the work and wants to talk dates.

Wednesday 15 July 2015

15th July, Weds., 2015

More packages.

Haven't heard back from the Nice Gallery man - I'm guessing the work isn't suitable, unless he just took Bastille Day off -
Have discovered that the finished texts for the catalogue are not in fact finished, dammit it.
Have not managed to get the garage ready for the open day on Saturday.

Thinking I should advertise the show as an installation and amend the publicity accordingly.
Thinking I should truncate the catalogue - it its too big.
Thinking that maybe Bob will help with the garage tomorrow maybe (he gets in this evening)
Thinking I need a coffee

Monday 13 July 2015

13 07 2015 monday

 Got nervous and worried, expecting to telephone Pauls friend re; showing in August in Nice - did I mention this? Whatever; so called at 9.30am, bloke affable and charming but appalled at how far I was from Nice and saying he couldn't take a day out in the season to drive to my studio. so suggested that Bob drive work to him for inspection. After which he agreed that I should photograph some work and email it, then we can talk.
So, morning in garage going through stored work, unwrapping and snapping, measuring. Then emailing. Hotmail failed and I had to fart about all morning, still didn't get the stuff off til this afternoon. Felt like I was sitting an exam and failing. Now no word from him.

Managed to knit a case for 4 notebooks - cute eh - and am halfway through another. The parrot Tango sits on my shoulder when I knit. Very comforting.
Took down the last show from the garage - having an open day on Saturday, Esperaz'art - started to rehang. Massively difficult with the dust and heat and m'asthma.
Frustrating day and now only one left as Bob arrives Weds and so does Sian. Slightly weepy, no doubt tired.

Thursday 9 July 2015

09 July Thursday 2015

Been in the mountains above Les Angles with Kat (who took the pic) and Margaret. Managed three large watercolours, none finished but I know where they are going and now I'm alone for several days, can take them there.
Good to have a break. Came back energized. Less so after I looked at the difficulties I've created for myself over the Art Hub show but there's time and its too early to panic.
Found some plastic boxes in a little store in the Ariege which will hold more notebooks. Think they'll work - wish I'd bought more.

Sunday 5 July 2015

05 07 2015

Bound up some like this - much easier for the narrow books, just stamp the holes with the bookbinding machine.

Thursday 2 July 2015

02 07 2017 thursday

Another couple... boring innit. But the stack looks good.

Wednesday 1 July 2015

01 July 2015 Weds

Two bundles is all today - mixture of heat and a visitor has detained me. Starting at 7.00 am and finishing at lunchtime is all I can manage. But the pile is growing and its begining to make sense.