Monday, 20 July 2015

20th July, Monday 2015

Getting too pretty?? The prettiest has drawings of Staffords dying - took days to do that one.
 Probably time to change tack.

So; this morning spoke with gallery man and all is good. The place is near Avignon (his house is Nice, not the gallery-) He wants me to bring 6-10 large, 12 small, all good. I was fretting all night. Why?? The heat probably but I worry about showing, it has the potential for so much humiliation.

However; he began our conversation by saying that he had trained as a painter and that I was painting what he wanted to paint. Technically marvellous without being academic. So I relaxed immediately, whilst wondering if he told this to all his artists. Even so, shows willing :)

We drive there on the 1st August, stay overnight, return the 2cnd in time for Bobs family on the 3rd.

Waiting in hope for the weather  to cool, thence to the garage and selection, packing. He wants catalogues and CV and stuff, sensibly.
Still not altogether easy about this.

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