Saturday 27 August 2016

27.08 2016

St Benedict The Moor (1326-1389); African ex-slave who shone with celestial light; another food-multiplier

and Longinus who famously pierced Jesus' side on the cross and had his eyesight restored. He in turn restored the eyesight of the governor who was having him beheaded. Who had been blinded by demons driven out by Longinus. Etc etc. Read Spear of destiny (again) 

Wednesday 24 August 2016

24 08 2016 Weds

 Maybe finished... first black african saint Ive found (he glowed in the dark)
Zita here, done. Enough. Died in bed under a bright star, after a lifetime of servitude.
 And St Margaret of Antioch, swallowed by the devil who coughed her up because of the cross she wore but was decapitated by the infidel anyway.

Monday 22 August 2016

22 08 2016 monday

Sabina (mistress) and Serapia (servant). Found the notes.
No work done though ideas fizzing.

Friday 19 August 2016

19 08 2016

 Re-did Mary of Egypt , finished St Tatwine, continuing Maragret of Antioch and St Zita, finished Seraphine and Seraphina.
Not sure those are their names and have lost my notes; checking the catholic sites, looks rather as if I've made them up.
Improbable; not my sort. Maid and mistress, one converted the other, both decapitated.

Tatwine, below,  much more fun. Seems to be known for being archbish of Canterbury and writing riddles. They are not funny. They exisit in The Exeter Book - heres a sample, not necessarily by Tatwine -
 Ic eom wunderlicu wiht   wifum on hyhte

neahbuendum nyt;   nægum sceþþe
burgsittendra nymthe   bonan anum.
Staþol min is steapheah   stonde ic on bedde
neoðan ruh nathwær.   Neþeð hwilum
ful cyrtenu   ceorles dohtor
modwlonc meowle   þæt heo on mec gripe
ræseð mec on reodne   reafath min heafod
fegeð mec on fæsten.   Feleþ sona
mines gemotes   seo þe mec nearwað
wif wundenlocc.   Wæt bið þæt eage.

(Answer; an onion. Obvious when you think about it. And read it in English)

Actually its been interesting digging up Tatwine, more fun than reformed sex-lovers; I'd no idea riddles were really a basis of theological debate. Not all, of course (see above)

This of Margaret of Antioch cant help but be commic. The devil vomited her up because the cruxifix she carried tickled his throat. Yeah. Whatever.

 Heres Zita, patron of servants. She made very free with her employers property, giving it to the deserving poor, but god always made sure she wasn't punished - multiplying the given away stuff, mostly. This isnt finished - she looks more like a film star - there is a star there that blazed during her death in the attic room she'd lived in patiently all her life.
 -and the maid and mistress duo. Very sinister.

Tuesday 16 August 2016

16 08 2016 Tues

Ounouh emailed these of the expo in I'isle sur La Sorgue - he makes them disturbingly tasteful :)
Still no work done but getting some drawing in, as and when.

Monday 8 August 2016

08 08 2016 Monday

Oumough came and chose many paintings but could only fit 17 into his car... very tiring and emotional for me, he came and overnighted with Paul and it was fine but with a continual sense of being under the microscope.
Have spent this afternoon, after the selection, doing the notes for each picture in French.
Was supposed to print off and send and have run out of ink.
Had to go through all my notes to write about them and am enmeshed in old bollox.

So the show will run till the end of Sept., when Bob will collect the leavings.

Going out to drink a lot now.

Wednesday 3 August 2016

03 08 2016

Ridiculously relieved to have been rejected from the NOA competition, worth 20 quid to not bother with the process.
Which rather begs the question about how to move on the commercial campaign to sell a garage full of paintings.
August show? -I dunno, no contact from the powers that be though they are still (allegedly) coming to get the work. Yesterday, if memory serves.
Managing to get away to paint occasionally; family will all be gone on Friday and there are a couple of clearish weeks.