Saturday 31 August 2019

31 08 2019

Got in what would have been a full days work - had I not stopped for lunch, a siesta and an afternoon party.
Felt like a full day.  Back in the groove,  no doubt.

Friday 30 August 2019

30 08 2019

Looks like he was struck by a raptor, judging by the gash on the back of the neck - alas -
I'm not doing much. The dead flowers I'm working on have turned into wassisnames work - Richter, I think - correcting proofs for 2cnd edition and pottering.

Tuesday 27 August 2019

27 08 2019

Made it to the studio, twice; yesterday just shuffled stuff around and was glum, today started to paint.  Flowers, what else. Dying ones, natch. Lots of internal and external interuptions... still glum actually and dont want to think about any of it.

Friday 23 August 2019

23 08 2019

Managed to get out the last two days to draw, with hysterical results. Im after a particular quality involving crayons and the dreams of youth.
Yesterday was interupted by a family who said, mais c'est jolie, bravo! which means a certain naff quality has been achieved. Ugh.
Family leave today, Im off to Carcassonne to have lunch with my dead father and draw another line in time. Studio  monday.

Thursday 15 August 2019

15 08 2019

I'm back but not in the studio. Massive paperwork demands and serve me right. Conference was a dream and I'm committed to more - have promised all sorts of copies of stuff that has to be scanned and distributed.
Family are here, mostly looking after themselves, bless 'em.
Here's a lovely Chagall etching that was in the house I stayed in in Devon, impeccable - and below a snap of the conference with my drawing of Spencer-Brown on screen. JUST visible.