Thursday 31 March 2016

01 04 2016 Friday

Work was so trite! I knew what to do and when I did it it was at best an illustration - this is not how it is done.
So took yesterday off to go to Carcassonne and see the patron of the Eucurie - his name is Olivier - about a show. He liked the work  ('superbe') and thought as I do that it will sit well there. No dates fixed though.
It was very helpful to be forced to talk about the work and the process. Nothing new, just reminded me that you have to hand over power to the tip of the brush.
Today I go to draw with Margaret and Kat, staying in Bugarach overnight. I leave for London on Weds. Can only hope that when I get back the unfinished pictures will fall into shape.

Monday 28 March 2016

late 28 03 2016 Easter Monday

Two swimming along...

28 03 2016

Clear day!!
The show in Carca was slight and pleasent. Afterwards was approched by the owner of l'Eucuerie (Spelling?)  to show there -  will go in next week to talk. This came about by a series of accidents lead by Kat. Nice idea. The space will happily take some of the new work which Im anxious to see in another context (if it doesent interfer with the Avignon show)

Going to give the Twilight of the Dog to Alain as a farewell present. And the large painting of Simon to Andy as a thank-you for dealing with Simons estate. Relunctant to part with it but suspect its the right thing to do. Too many paintings here and in storage -

Saturday 26 March 2016

26 03 2016 Saturday

Carcassonne show opens tonight, no biggie but ready for it (in terms of invites out, stuff prepared, after show dinner arranged) Relaxed.
Yesterday got work out of Faby - it had been there 4 years!- they've sold a couple a year, on average. Not an overwhelming success. They want the work back when Im done exhibiting it elsewhere which is sweet but...

 Barbara of La Claranda came to see the food paintings and so I open there for a month in May. She wanted a mix of the old and new work which I resisted. Too confusing for me never mind a punter. So she suggests another, afterwards, of the newer stuff - would like that.

Sunday 20 March 2016

20 03 2016 Sunday

 these done and dusted... show in Carcassonne hung yesterday, looking extremely rough and ready and none the worse for that :) Two new pix still humming along. Strangely easy in myself.

Saturday 19 March 2016

19 03 2016 Sat

Vernissage at T oques and C last night - I was not the only one not to win !! Ghastly, the winners - Bob pointed out the anti-art element, the emphasis on amateurs. Yeah. Well.
Finished Pet and Twilight yesterday - two other small ones trickling along nicely.
Hanging the Carcassonne expo today.

Thursday 17 March 2016

17 03 2016 Thursday

Good days work yesterday. I love the rain, the light is soft and the sense of privacy strong. Progress on Pet and the Twilight and this unlikely to be fruitful as its cleaning-and-maintenance day 

Tuesday 15 March 2016

15 03 2016 Tuesday

'Tu ma donnais beaucoup de plaisair'; reasons to carry on, 1.
2 and the rest will follow when I think of them.
Oh, theres the delight when you make something astonishing, that shocks and surprises and pleases you. About once a year, if you are lucky. Thats 2.
The rest...
This floundering must stop.
Totally clear day tomorrow. Head, nose, heart and spirit to the grindstone.

Monday 14 March 2016

14 03 2016 Monday

This being Monday, drawing... Tabbitha modeling. Haven't looked at the products yet but no great shakes...though an enjoyable morning, nice folk drawing EXCEPT for one newcomer who is clearly either heavily medicated or should be. 
Top pic finished or at least beyond redemption, the others from that series I've junked. Dredging my memories was just too misery-making so I've stopped.The two little ones are in process - the Twilight of the Dog hoho and Pet.

Friday 11 March 2016

11 03 2016 Friday

... rejected by the RA, which (after the first blast of shock - ) was a relief. Don't have to get the work to England to be rejected and schlepped back, somehow.
It does beg the question of what to do though. Roland has finished photographing my work and its quality, if not actually agreeable. How on earth to market it?
Just forget it, paint and keep filling up the garage. What else. Better painters than me have given up. At least Im in a position to keep painting.

Finished the Spiritual Pride pic., unusable of course - now trying to work on the Acceptance of the Divine Will. Featuring, I hope, the Foul Darkness.

Heres one of Mondays' drawings. I like it.

Monday 7 March 2016

07 03 2016

Fiddling rather ineffectually with some pix about what the church has done to women and just getting upset - this is art as therapy which isnt good.
On the plus side todays drawing was a blast - only did an hour as I had to see accountant, do post, get unphotographed work to photographer - I quit while I was on top. One duff, is all. It was pretty tense, 10 or 12  artists there and noises off were disturbing, plus one major disruption in the form of Julius who was off on one. Sigh. Held it together but didn't think I would last for 2 hours - sensible to quit.
Model was Chantal who is getting very good.

Saw Bieke yesterday for tea, mostly talked about family - hers - but bits of art crept in. Always feel I've learnt something from her.

Slept badly - see above - and should probably stop and get some sleep now - or a tension reducing bath, my wrists have been hurting for days with too-tight pix.

Thursday 3 March 2016

04 03 2016

This turns into a list of excuses about why Im not working but they are over and I am.

Phil has gone, Gracie has arrived but is installed in Chez Francois as independent from me, autonomous; Bob not due back for 2 more weeks.
Stuff to deal with but a happy comfortable feeling of an oasis in which to bathe... cracking on with the martydom series and have temporarily finished the harelquin one.

Talked with Aileen who has served on the jury of the T and Clochers and it seems they, the judges, are told to favour the work containing clochers, tocques, bottles and glasses. The painting I'd thought to enter contained none of the above so I had a look round the studio, took the unresolved harequinade and jiggled it. Works rather well, I think. But will make further changes when it comes back so its not actually finished.

-The point being the prize money, which is not bad. Worth taking a stab at.

Other news: had an email from Dr  Marcus someone whom I took to be a Dr Marcus someone I'd met in Switerland, St Gal, who wanted to talk with me about my father. Naturally, love talking about him, said of course. Then realised after a couple of days I'd got the wrong Dr Marcus and didn't know this one - but hey, no problem. Eventually we agreed to Skype and we did, last night. Hes very excited that he's been using Staffords stuff and has a great project and wanted to lay it at Staffords feet but of course, hes dead. So someone (?who) said, but he has a daughter who is still alive and is a world famous artist.
Don't know which was more shocking, me being still alive or world famous artist.
Anyway, sweet chap wants some family to come to launch next year - its a totally electric car made by Porche. Said probably. And have never driven a car in my life but electric sounds OK.

Lala. Back to work.