Thursday 18 April 2024

18 04 2024

 Bugs in water. Have to draw standing up as back bad, a new pain in my catalogue - constant and unattractive. Enjoyed the drawing though.

Wednesday 17 April 2024

17 04 2014

Abandoning this, secure in the knowledge that my skills are not up to getting it right. Though its chiefly the smell l wanted, hot sun on emerging figs. 

Working on larvae in the Aude now.

Sunday 14 April 2024

14 04 2024

Should probably tweak this but I've released him back into the wild...
So very lovely! 
Got others on the go so he'll  have to stay, despite unhappy likeness to '50's cartoon character whose name I've forgotten.


Saturday 13 April 2024

13 04 2024

Not lacking models at the moment, loads of birds, fish, flowers - and a ginormous moth which I'm currently about. Only need cartridge paper for that and couldn't find any; then uncovered an old portfolio with a SEALED packet of 25 large sheets. 
Already got marks on some of the pages.
Weird, some sort of invitation to incorporate.


Wednesday 10 April 2024

10 04 2024

 Somewhat belatedly, decided to improve my health. This involves moving bedrooms. The new bedroom has an accessible shower so I can stand under hot water and move in the mornings, arthritis being what it is. Next to that is an exercise bike, so I can improve muscle function. 

So far, preparing new bedroom is killing me :) Had to clean and prepare. Tomorrow will do bed and start schlepping stuff. 

Managed to finish this en passant -

Saturday 6 April 2024

07 04 2024

No idea what this is about except perhaps that my continued efforts to suspend scepticism have lead to a dawning of kitsch. 


Friday 5 April 2024

05 04 2024

 Miserable about my poor skills, ineptitude, slight vision.

On the other hand, there's a glimmer...

Alarmed at the angst this nonsense is requiring.

Tuesday 2 April 2024

02 04 2024

cleaned studio - a bit - finished two nature drawings... would like to say I'm on a roll but l'm not.


Friday 29 March 2024

29 03 2024

 Not finished and TOO HARD. This critter flew onto my bed when I was thinking about nature and nature diaries so obvs had to use the thing. Using the wrong paper. Moved onto cartridge which is a big error; it is unhelpful and unforgiving. Might start again but I let the wasp go.

Thursday 28 March 2024

28 03 2024

dedicated to Zarathrustra
More habitat going up in smoke. 


Wednesday 27 March 2024

27 03 2024

dead birds done... though this may not be the photo of the finished piece, think later I took oil paint to the beaks to bang up the colours. They are mostly charcoal, conte, chinese ink and watercolour. The next is already watercoloured and I plan to draw, pencil, all over it today. 
And here is a little provocation found on the parapet of the river this morning -


Tuesday 26 March 2024

26 03 2024

finalized the kingfisher and the roosting cockerels
now cracking on with dead birds. Getting back into my art head, as it were, despite visitors and poorly spouse. Everyone makes concessions for me -!


Thursday 21 March 2024

21 03 2024

Decades of drawings finally binned.  It's done, done and dusted... could even walk across the room, sit at the drawing table and draw. Slightly light headed with this freedom.

That's not to say I can use it, of course; roof menders, meals to be prepared, stuff. 

Have agreed, health permitting, to be resident artist for WOSC at Lady Margaret Hall in Oxford in September. This minutes before drawings turned up from the Burnside Conference in Greenwich, the first time I'd done it: didn't bin them anyway. 

Wednesday 20 March 2024

20 03 2024

Still binning stuff. The sheer volume is depressing. Here's Dave in his yellow braces, drawing me from the look of him, and David Walsall from the '80's. 
Its all hideous of course but I did get better, somehow....
After this last big batch has gone to the tip - and some storage bags gone to the garage - I can start cleaning. Oh goody something to look forward to.


Thursday 14 March 2024

14 03 2024

 a shoal of palette knives... these plundered from Patricia Malfis studio. You never forget another artist when you use their tools. I still use a couple of splendid large bristle brushes that belonged to Edward Seago, given to me by his partner after his death. 

Was about to list others and realise I'm in danger of becoming a death cult.

Studio work continues, bafflingly daft. 

Monday 11 March 2024

11 03 2024

 Shopping morning... then working in studio, so good though still clearing as I go. Just an extra layer of chaos. I like chaos.

Saturday 9 March 2024

09 03 2024

Finally, really, truthfully finished; the flags of warring nations conclude it. What a palaver!

And this too - filled a too-big gap with the words from Isaiah, in French.

Tiding as I go. Relieved that Bob will be back tomorrow, he can manage all the stuff I can't, poor chap.

Despite a sense of anaemia - intellectual bloodlessness, what's that called? -  lots of ideas.

Friday 8 March 2024

08 03 2024

dinky little pix from yesterday, sitting in the sunshine under the tour magdela in Rennes le Chateau.
After being woken by the dream of the helicopter burning out after Id left it tied to the top of a tower/ cupola, seemed appropriate. 

Just been to the denuding of Patricia Malfi's studio. Her husband has decided its time to sell so contents can be distributed among artists. Grave robbing. Took her palette knives, loads of tissue paper (really hard to get in France), some oil pastels. Hey ho, they'll be trying to clear mine out soon enough. 

Wednesday 6 March 2024

07 03 2024

 Still no product - maybe I've retired - still not sorted the studio.

Woken by the dream, the burnt out helicopter on the roof.

Sunday 3 March 2024

03 02 2024

 Masses of rather nice prints and gouaches emerged, pretty in some cases and in some cases inks on top of etchings, terribly pretty. Not ready to chuck them. will order some portfolios on line, maybe they exist - the ones I've made in the past and that these things were stored in are sort of crunchy, since I would cut up boxes and glue fabric over them. Not a long-lasting thang. And I don't like them.

It seems of one my asthma drugs, one that works well for me, promotes mood swings, psychotic episodes and suicides. I asked Ian how one might know if one were psychotic and he said, by the trail of bodies...

Miserable day and I just got soaked. Time for a hot bath and a chance to read Ruth Brandons Surreal Lives. Enjoyed it so far, well put together IMHO

among many large drawings is this one of the view from the third window of the Woolwich studio. Painstaking; evocative. 

Friday 1 March 2024

02 03 2024


Louix Maunder RIP...

Here's Louix from her performance days ('96 at Fordham Park)  She packed in a lot when she was young - which is as well as she was only 54 when she died, at 20.45 on Wednesday 28th Feb. 

She'd done some crowdfunding and had enough money to do a few months of touring before the predicted end, but the cancers were too advanced. The plan had been to get here again which would have been just great... but alas.

Our friendship began when we had a shared lover - and turned into a joyful, hysterical, BF -type thing until I moved to France. She came here once and I went to her sea-side retreat once but by then I was somewhat infirm and travel was expensive and hard for us both. We kept in sporadic touch.

Dear Louix was not ready to die. Her daughter had decided it was time to have a child and she wanted to share that with her. Plus, 54... no age really. Ive spent the last few days mourning. 

Slowly shifting stuff in the studio. Been binning drawings and prints unless they are portraits.

rather an odd picture of David Walser... and again

Here's Jan 

and Bernard, working in the studio -
a souvenir of my first major incursion to the monetization of art -
Shedloads still to shift. Depressing isn't le mot juste. 

Monday 26 February 2024

26 02 2024

 Back in France. Not so much back at work - made various decisions while away and my next endeavours will be about stocktaking and consolidation.

It's sure you can't get jet lag doing the london/carcassonne trip but I am overwhelmed by the changes, else l would sound off at length about said thinking.

Another day.

Friday 2 February 2024

02 02 2024

 ...emptying the mountain in the second studio, the contents of the attic that has been arrayed everywhere. Sodding nightmare. All this past stuff. Haven't opened any of the portfolios yet. Cant find the flock gun ( = van der graff generator,) but have tremendous amount of flock. Dirty, dusty, upsetting.

Monday 29 January 2024

29 01 2024


- still lingering. Today is the first that I've woken up feeling free of the bad thing that's been living in me, though still hacking a cough. Twenty days ill. Feels like months.

So, in my absence, an attic has been emptied into a studio. Started trying to sort it today. Not that sensible, given the dust and debris...

and had another go at Pete's portrait. 

Seen a courting couple of herons; a dipper; a shag; buds are appearing. Not so much awareness of lurking death now that life returns. 

Thursday 18 January 2024

18 01 2024

 Not so much finished as abandoned.

Where is the wildlife? No bats, no fish, no boar, no bears... 

Monday 15 January 2024

15 01 2024

 Ill... totally laid out. Tried to get moving this morning and succeeded up to a point; back in bed by midi.

Dreams handy.

Thursday 11 January 2024

11 01 2024


Been trying  to work up the Cormorants? Shags?  of the Garonne, seen on my all too brief holiday in Toulouse.  Hunting wildlife a problem - there isn't any.

Even the nice spider in my bedroom has disappeared.

I'm rubbish anyway, cold and feverish and snotty beyond belief. Tendency to fall asleep if sat down..

And so sad... Mike Hinc has died.

Tuesday 2 January 2024

02 01 2024

 Another for the Nature Diary - thinking of junking the roosting cockerels and the Kingfisher, despite my best efforts they are crumbling to crap.

Could be that's part of the authenticity of a nature diary?? Oh, can't think. Bad sleep.

-Gods Walking back home. Le Heathy couldn't cope!! I like it far more now.