Saturday 25 February 2017

25th Feb 2017 sat

It continues, rather well. The VSM book. Stil acres to cover and would still like to paint. Studio rather a lovely place at the moment, things moving fluently in various directions, feels like a safe place instead of a trap :)

Thursday 16 February 2017

17 02 2017

...Did 4 pages in one day! Cor. That was Tuesday. Weds went drawing in the afternoon to the deeply odd museum of automata. Bit of painting and that's the lot. My productivity is at a record low.

Saturday 11 February 2017

11 12 2017 Sat

Finished the WOSC stuff, trouble with scanner which Bob resolved; need to spend some time tiding on the machine but have had enough for the moment. Aiming to have a presentable package for Easter, when I see Raul.
Then need a deal more of the VSM book ready for Spain in June...
but getting antsy to paint and should a least allow myself that luxury, before I forget my job description :)
In the meantime, today is paperwork. After an afternoon spent in the bank, we have uncovered the fact that one insurer has been charging us twice for the same property. Need more info for the lawyer.

Wednesday 8 February 2017

08 02 2017 weds

Rather a nice time, quiet and undemanding. Managing a few hours a day of studio practice; knocking together the Sapienta stuff, mostly.
Finished the portrait yesterday. Want to varnish it before it goes at the end of May.
Girding my psychic loins in preparation for  mega drive on the VSM.

Thursday 2 February 2017

02 02 2017

...Been a while.
Back from Rome where the artist-in-res thing worked OK, I think.Was welcomed from the podium as the most estimable Vanilla B, a first for me :)  I have more stuff to pull together before handing it all over - probably at Easter, in Valencia.
Got me a publisher for the VSM book, or at least a contender. They are interested, at any rate. It has been approved by Allenna who had a few helpful facts to add - no criticism of the format or approach.
Found a gallery in the middle of Rome that may want to show me, friends of friends, but I really like the spot - like a hippy backwater in the shadow of a palace. Be happy to take the saints there though Rome is a worry, the pollution is catastrophic and most activities other than the most simple were beyond me. Will know more in March.
Got a sitting tomorrow but next week (when I'm unpacked and settled back in) is book and residency work.
Made notes to attack the next series - to add to the previous notes - I suppose one day I'II be painting again.