Saturday 30 July 2016

30 07 2016

Done Margaret of Cortona - who mutilated her face because she was too pretty - Theodosa, who was
tortured and killed very nastily and 'recieved her crown' on 2cnd April [Butler 301]- Mary of Egypt who could prophesy and walk on water but only ate the odd lentil and was in continual penance for her life as a prostitute, which she undertook because she liked sex. She was buried by Zozimos (the abbot, not the alchemist) and a helpful lion.
Started on Tatwine - bishop and riddle-writer - and two girl saints that I might scrap.

House full but everyone else doing house stuff, Im sequestered in studio. Great.

Thursday 21 July 2016

21 07 2016

Decided - why, why??? -to have another go at the NOA. Paid my money, photographed and sized up two images, uploaded. Lost them. No idea why.
Went to do stuff - its thursday, making beds for incomers, french with Andree. In this hiatus realised that the images I'd offered them are on my list for the august show so went to garage, found other work, photographed, had another go. Sizes wrong. Went through discs of professionally taken photos and found a couple of old ones. Uploaded. One too big; back to disc for web-sizing. The other too big, can't find out how to resize so either have to re photograph or change. Changed. Uploaded.
Machine wants another 20 quid. Something not right as I think I've paid 40 already...
Rang them up. Got a girl on a phone in her car going home. Have emailed her.
Looked at my bank statements and nothing has left the account yet, which may or may not be meaningful.
 God, what a waste of time :(  Last time I did this I got short listed, had all the hassle of getting the piece to Pulborough and back when they rejected it. Swore I wouldn't do it again. Carriage fees horrendous, in excess of 100, plus poor Helen had to do the recieving and was pissed off with it.

It may be worth loosing the 40 quid not to go through this.

Tuesday 19 July 2016

19 07 2016

Alain the model yesterday and it was not good - desperately lumpen, this is the best of many drawings that I couldn't make work.
Only went because the new series are worrying me. Having established the rules I'm now formulaeic, I think - self-pastiche already - was hoping the crack that somehow, Didnt. This morning Im en plien air, by the river. That'll at least make a change, if not make a change (small joke there but let it pass)

Saturday 16 July 2016

16 07 2016 Saturday

 St Dogfan, d.5th century,  martyred in Dyfed (above); his church in Dyfed has inscribed stone crosses. Remembered for bringing the abbots cloudberries to ripeness out of season. Feast July 13th

St Heimrad, d. 1019, whose 'unusual form of ascetisism' (catholic directory of saints) took the form of assuming excentric manners in order to be regarded as a fool in the eyes of others, hence not falling into the sin of pride. He was a german  priest who was a life-long pilgrim. Feast June 28th
These may be finished. Not sure yet, letting them settle.

Thursday 14 July 2016

14 07 2016 Thursday

Two deaths this week - Frederick, Sian - both distressing in different ways. Feel guilty that having lit upon a new series - currenlty 6 on the go - I'm occupied and happy and hideously pleased with myself.

Wednesday 13 July 2016

13 07 2016

The new little paintings are saints... 'saint of the day' saints. There are some corkers out there :) Delighted with this direction. Most catholic saints are only known by their paintings, done under inspiration to define the saint.
I'm on St Dogfan, d. 5th century, murdered in Dyfed by pagan invaders, associated with cloudberries, cross inscribed cross stone in his church in Dyfed, lovely bit of work. Naturally Im associating him with my associations in Dyfed which are many and nicely fit with this grey day...

Tuesday 12 July 2016

12 07 2016 Tuesday

Still no work done; but hung 7 pix in local caf TyRex, which was an  achievement for me given the inertia caused by heat (38 degrees) and sadness (death of Frederick). Also handed over 21 drawing to MJ for expo in Atlanta, Georgia. USA.Ideas tripping along nicely. If I ever get going, it'll be a blast. Maybe.

Saturday 9 July 2016

09 07 2016 Sat

Not set foot in the studio but will... new ideas gestating and yesterday in Carcassonne bought some big canvases and yet more paint (sale)
Clear week looming though preparing the ground will take most of that. Studio a bomb site. Canvases need sizing.

Sunday 3 July 2016

03 07 2016

Master Wang Zi Li - went to his workshop today and am so glad. At first I thought I'd learnt nothing, (though enjoyed myself) because of the work I've done in the past but actually at the end of this day realise that I've assimilated lots. He was keen that I should work slower - I'm too fast - and this  (being too fast) evens out the ink distribution and prevents the sweep and pooling of the best marks. As I've got older I go for quick turn around and I'm missing delicacy.

Plus, golly, he made me laugh:) He spoke in Chinese and a translator moved him into French but by acciendent I found he spoke English. Five of the workshopees were determindly mystic and kept banging on about Chai, Yin, Yang and so forth. They asked questions about breathing; do you do this on the in-breath, do you exhale with his mark?
He dismissed it all. Chi is in the imagination, breathe from your toes, the rest is supersition. Keep your forearm horizontal, work from the wrist, keep the brush vertical.

Oh and... the water should be  'pure', not tap water - mineral - because this affects the quality of the ink - which should be ground with care and patience to avoid the scratches [which I always get because I soak my sticks and then grind them furiously] [I quite like the scratches, actually]

Forgot how schooled I am in the ideaogram. Some science magazine/journal my father gave me to read as a girl used to use ideograms to upgrade Chinese writing - so 'feedback' and other concepts were expressed. I was charmed by them and used to copy them out. Of course they are quite easy to read, they are pictures of the concept.
Today they put some drawings up and asked what we thought they represented. Clearly they were transport, carts, cars etc. Sadly the mystics interpreted them as wind forces and so on.. I guess you can say wind was implicit in the concept? Anyway, no-one likes a smart arse; I got out quick at the end.

Saturday 2 July 2016

02 july 2016 sat

Gmail account worked, finally. Finally got the images to Ounouh. He says they're 'fabulous' and is coming here august 2cnd to select for the show. Which was supposed to open on the 1st but I guess a few days here and there won't hurt.
Can relax  bit now which is good - have half-a-dozen notions in my head, almost ready to go.