Friday 30 December 2016

30 Dec Friday 2016

Early start - the only way to deal with the endless interruptions and subsequent frustrations. Have now got the VSM book to a state where I can take it to Rome for a preliminary viewing, hurrah hurrah, though I have slightly more cooking and may continue if time holds up. Tomorrow looking good. Fairly cheerful as a result.

Wednesday 28 December 2016

28 dec weds

 St Naffanianus - martyred with Faustinius and 7 companions in North Africa - and St Agnes, 13 years old at her beheading for refusing brothel work.
That's it then - at least, that's all for the moment - had enough of these tragic people and their brief lives.
Off to stack the garage. All the paintings that are downstairs - several hundred - have to be moved to the balcony upstairs. Bob and Tris are doing the schlepping, I shall stack.

Tuesday 27 December 2016

27th Dec 2016 Tuesday

Good day, for a wonder. Started late - simple fear - and having a deadline just cracked on . Three hours, all good. Cup of tea and a kip, couple more hours; finished 2 saints (I think) then drew an orchid. Cleaned palette. Now going for a bath.
N.B.Using a 50/50 linseed/turps rubbed into a heavily gesso'd and sanded surface. Gorgeous. Have to finish from life and not sure what the surface will be like then but will find out. Just assuming the next layer is a bit richer in linseed. Forgotten traditional techniques.

Sunday 25 December 2016

26 dec Monday

It being holidays, decided to stop working. Been most effective. Empty headed. Very odd, not having some issue squirreling around my brain. Began to get bored yesterday. Not bad.

Tuesday 20 December 2016

20 dec 2016 Tuesday

A whole day, starting at 6.00am and breaking for meals. And breaks. Bloody lovely. 5 pages of the cartoon done and more in my head, no painting and am so tired eyes closing.

Saturday 17 December 2016

17 12 2016 sat

Been flattened with 'flu - or something excluded from the 'flu jab repertoire, anyway. Asleep for 20 hours yesterday and only up under sufferance now since I had a sitting this morning. Unable to perform but took a lot of preparatory photos so at least can get the bones down. Since both me and client are away a lot in the new year and there is an absolute deadline.
Back to sweaty sleep now. Ashoo. Oh internet on in house so at least I'm warm.

Wednesday 14 December 2016

14 12 2016 Weds

Long silence due  to lack of internet which is till lacking. It is possible to connect in Bobs house which is of course closed for the winter and where I am now. V cold. Occasional use only -

Have today given Jim the texts and photos to put up a 'saints' page on my site plus a 'buy a catalogue' page. Small achievement but mine own. Now have to find paypal info to get him to make a button.

Have photocopied the VSM book as far as I've got and am still researching... getting easier, though whenever I think that another dark pit opens. Cnfident that there are the bones to show in Jan though would like more of them.

The Rome conference want me as artist-in-res which is a Good Thing; allows me my hat (not Staffords) and gets me some dosh.

Pretty much junked the last two saints. Well, re-prepared them. We'll see.

Friday 2 December 2016

03 12 2016

Got two little saints to finish before I photograph the set and write up their stories; and CAN'T DO IT. They've both been finished twice and then fucked up again, twice. Think I will leave them as loose ends and proceed with the project without them, though it rankles.
Who is boss here?
Done 27 pages of the VSM book.; which make represent 6 actual pages if I use 4 per sheet. Fear the rest of my life is now spoken for.