Wednesday, 14 December 2016

14 12 2016 Weds

Long silence due  to lack of internet which is till lacking. It is possible to connect in Bobs house which is of course closed for the winter and where I am now. V cold. Occasional use only -

Have today given Jim the texts and photos to put up a 'saints' page on my site plus a 'buy a catalogue' page. Small achievement but mine own. Now have to find paypal info to get him to make a button.

Have photocopied the VSM book as far as I've got and am still researching... getting easier, though whenever I think that another dark pit opens. Cnfident that there are the bones to show in Jan though would like more of them.

The Rome conference want me as artist-in-res which is a Good Thing; allows me my hat (not Staffords) and gets me some dosh.

Pretty much junked the last two saints. Well, re-prepared them. We'll see.

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