Tuesday 30 April 2019

30 04 2019

- been painting. Small, easy stuff; exhausting. Started off by linseed-and-turpsing my wardrobe, which needed something and that seemed a Good Thing. So loved the action (no.11 hog brush) and the smell that it struck me the what wasn't too important, it was the physicality that worked for me.
Dreaming those dreams, the magic pure incredible blue, the adjacent green. Unreachable.
Curiously, co-incidentally, been ill. Cramps, vomits, all that stuff. Will live.

Saturday 27 April 2019

27 05 2019 sat

still farting around with book stuff, sending huge files hither and yon - takes so much time - and just now gave lunch to JR who came up with solid ideas and will do some re-sizing for me. Bless him. Been able to do regular papier mach-ing though. A plus. That might all work. If so, that'll need marketing too. Buggerit.
Got 2 Germans arriving for interviews about Stafford and then off to the Alps. After that, who knows? Painting?? Ha.

Wednesday 24 April 2019

25 04 2019

Actually passed some time in the studio yesterday. The book has been the trouble - scanned, looks like funding will happen, possibly also publishers though Im OK with Amazons self publishing, printing on demand. Full control, if I can get my head round the technology.
Also making some papier-mache stuff.
And have primed eight canvases.

Thursday 11 April 2019

11 04 2019 thursday

Been working on book, trying to organise the scanning, the design of show pages etc etc. Joining dots. Lala. Also painted bookcases in bedroom and done a deal of cleaning up. It's spring. Creative laziness has enrobed me and I don't care one jot. Oh have been drawing the towns sheep though, will carry on with those - lovely job. Small projects, sightable outcomes, all I'm after for the foreseeable.

Tuesday 2 April 2019

2 april 2019 Tuesday

Truly finished T and C pic. Not photographing as its sooo bad. It's on a radiator to dry it so by the time it goes in - last day, Friday - it'll be warped as well.
Couple of little touches on Noahs ark. Much better. Still pointless. Signed, dated, will remove.
Rest of the day either cleaning or dozing. Palate a work of art. Had to use paint stripper which may account for doziness.

Monday 1 April 2019

1 april 2019 Monday

through dentist safely and am getting a crown Macron, the first of Macrons reforms to hit the streets. Free crown, in short.
Finished -nearly - the toc et c pic. Will complete this afo or it goes in unfinished, really, can't be arsed.
Bloody great having a pain-free mouth