Tuesday 30 August 2022

30 08 2022

 Should have left it alone. 

It's actually about Bernard, who is dying; he says, there's not much time left. Wanted to do a 'do-not-go-gentle' picture and was haunted by the idea of Virginia Woolfs decent into water, and this tragically trite pic is all that arrives. Bah.

Checked out Eliot, Death by Water - Wasteland, what a poem!! Had forgotten it, except I could remember it all - read it to the parrots - so here we are, 'entering the whirlpool.' Turning to wall, let it try, plan to hack into it later.

My De Quervain's complaint is back, having to work with bandaged wrists. It's comfortable enough with them.

Sunday 28 August 2022

28 08 2022

This isn't what I meant at all, at all - just pausing there because I quite like the look of the thing. Questions of intentionality and the rest... 

Wednesday 24 August 2022

24 08 2022

 Did some  painting based on the ink tea drawings but junked them. Rubbish. Now too hot, again, to go to the studio. Really need to sit quietly and do some thinking but but but art is a verb.

Oh so is thinking.

Friday 19 August 2022

20 08 2022

 It ain't as pretty as it looks :) But very likeable. This format lends itself to, erm, whatever this is. Couple more on the go -

Wednesday 17 August 2022

17 08 2022

 Having been rather haunted by an idea of my mothers mother - we did not like each other - as a fortune teller, I started quick ink drawings from tea leaves. Apparently Grandma would lead the women into the kitchen to read their teacups, a practice against catholic teaching and so conducted in great secrecy. Her sister told me about this, long after her death, and I got a sense of her as a person rather than the judgemental religious dingbat I disliked.

Yesterday again cool enough to work, I took the tea leaf drawings and worked into them...

There are others and one I really like but it is obscene  - no doubt a response to the grandma :)

Kick started the Steered Deer pic that has been knocking about too. Many Odds and sods being dealt with.

Tuesday 16 August 2022

16 08 2022

 Cool enough to work - and thanks to the good offices of John Rushton who has upgraded my asthma meds, sufficient energy.

Spent yesterday  messing with half finished bits and bobs and this, my first marble engraving. By no means good but I get the idea.

Saturday 13 August 2022

13 08 2022

 Nothing going on on account of the heat - studio suitable for cooking in, not much else. Ditto outside. I'm reading and angsting about the quality of my life's work.

Sunday 7 August 2022

07 08 2022

 Finished a couple of days ago, La Chaleur - from the drawing, plus a heatwave monster and a furious woman. And a kingfisher. Working up some more studies base on the Aude and its activities. Think its OK to be this ditzy, given the weather - part of the theme -

Monday 1 August 2022