Saturday 29 June 2019

29 06 2019

Thrown off course by the death of Andree... the painting I was working on when they rang with the news is rendered untouchable for the moment.
We are also in the firm grip of a heat wave and the studio is like an oven. I could make it work but its the time to write the Spencer-Brown paper - now nearly finished - downstairs in the cool. Plus some other academic whatnots. The Russian residency, for example... got complicated.
M'book is pretty much ready. Looks good. Did some editing and found 2 pages in the wrong place but otherwise - oh and a word I would like to change but lets not obsess here - otherwise just waiting to hear that its been uploaded. Then I can start trying to flog it.

Saturday 22 June 2019

22 06 2019

Dead roses from my prize winners bouquet - does that show? Hope so... also repainted hens at point of lay which is now in need of major surgery and have spent the last 2 afternoons stuffing the painting racks. Really don't need any more paintings. Hey ho.
Have changed my signature, these are just initialled into the paint. Think after stuffing the painting racks - and still unfinished BTW - I'm sick of the sight of my own name.

Wednesday 19 June 2019

20 06 2019

Enough of Bobs family are staying to free me up totally -!- had a go at the chickens yesterday ('at point of lay')  snapped the amazing cobwebs in the studio and visited the garage to see the new storage racks, brilliant. Have to get there and stack it now - will hold off writing the paper for another week. Spent yesterday on it, the paper, and effectively wasted the time. Think it may be upcoming-book-anxiety that is inhibiting me.
Started work on some dead roses, left over from my prize winners bouquet. I'd put then in a sealed jar and they are very dead indeed. Nice motif.

Sunday 16 June 2019

16 06 2019 Sun

Sponsors letter edited, my acknowledgements edited, few tweaks to go off and then its head under the pillow time.
Have the tristesse of a long enacted now finished project.

Thursday 13 June 2019

14 06 2019 Friday

Purposefully avoided the studio for a long time. Some ideas, little things, arriving...
in the meantime the designer has designed and the proofs of the book are in the post. Fluctuate between quiet pride and simple terror. Guessing that as usual with my projects, nothing will happen. Here's hoping.

Thursday 6 June 2019

07 06 2019 Friday

Started some new pix which is ridiculous given how many I have... finishing a could of the little water sculptures.  Ready to test, near as.