Monday, 18 November 2019

18 11 2019

 Both been a bit altered - another two in the pipeline, plus some other stuff. Cracking on :)
Bob was away for a week so I changed houses - moved to the warm one. Which meant moving bathrooms. Hes back now so I'm back in original space, where I left Emily Carr's journals.
-I'm going to have to start quoting from her, she is uncanny.
Maybe its only because I'm doing landscape things

Friday, 15 November 2019

15 11 2019

Peter can't come drawing so spent today in studio, allelujia; quite like the way things are going. Plus they'll be OK for the December expo (I must have known that when I started the series, so appropriate) Lets hope the can be finished and indeed dry in time.
Got a facebook page up for The Book. Its still selling :)

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

12 11 2019

Sod all happening, unless my unconscious is grinding away... today my first day at home (=Toulouse, Caca) and alone (Allenna been visiting) Now Bob away and all that beckons is housework.
Did get a usable idea about the Tree of Life. And have a plan to go drawing with Peter D on Friday.

Sunday, 3 November 2019

03 11 2019

Flash of insight, at last, and resolved the landscape. Not finished - surface too wet - but know where I am. Rather like the idea (=barriers) and will follow through.
Tiresome business. Symptoms of this and that plus inertia and jumpiness, not nice...all stopped as resolution occurs, weird eh.

Saturday, 2 November 2019

02 11 2019

From this to this... days of work and it looks crap. Anyway initialed and taken from studio. 
Finishing the funeral portrait of Puerto and working on some landscapes - dreadful. Fortunately non of it matters....

Thursday, 31 October 2019

31 X 2019

Is there a ratio, perhaps, as ones interest in how one looks fails and becomes an interest in how the work looks? Was shocked at myself at the end of a long working day to discover that I was pleased with the look of the thing. Got up at 5.00am and have been at it, cautiously... not drinking alcohol gives me a huge amount of energy. Clear day tomorrow also yeah :) 

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

30 X 2019

Good clear morning - up early and did all the necessary so I could get a clear stretch. Work easy and looks it. It's about as decorative as I can get without pretending
Lots of painters I like - Aileen Agar, Elizabeth Blackadder, Mary Fedden, Liza Milroy for example, are decorative without being crap. Is it a girl thing?
Feeling that it's an age thing. I'm rounding off my life with a bunch of cozy.