Saturday 28 January 2023

28 01 2023

 It's taken a week to get the second studio to this fabulously well-ordered state. Nearly finished and l'm fairly smug.

Lots of stuff turned up and put away, probably never to be seen again. Apropos; drawings of mathematicians inc Spencer Brown are in a new file in the drawing cupboard (third draw, I think. Maybe second)

Bought some paint today - finally some black (mars) some yellows, (fake mango, lemon -) Lefranc et Bourgeoise, amazingly expensive.

Tuesday 24 January 2023

24 01 2023

 Definitely on holiday here. Cleared, nearly , the second studio. Can now see patches of floor and an entire table top.

The problem was the what-to-do issue of the work I did for Dex for 10 Digital Place. Eventually I packed it all into a largeish suitcase, labelled it and stacked it among the drawings. It's actual - final - destination now on hold. 

Once that was out of sight I found the task easier and am happily hammering on. Clearing my tool box and trying to make tools accessible. Then I should be able to get to the new hotplate and finish the project begun some 25 years ago -  a Fayum-fake portrait of JH.

The last supper/first office party def finished though not yet signed and dated - it's drying in the guest bathroom, out of harms way.

Saturday 21 January 2023

21 02 2023

 Tried to upload finished painting of Eve's Genesis, 100 x 100, failed; it's on Instagram so its about somewhere but my usual equipment is petulant.

Its cold, its snowing, its a non-work day. 

Thursday 19 January 2023

19 01 2023

Signed the last of the death boats off; done with grieving. Except intermittently.

 Very close to signing this monster off too... and the latest Eve genesis is nearing its ending.

Reflecting on how many biblical themes I'm engaged with and how many more in storage. Is this a decent theme for the next show? Following on from Saints, makes a sort of sense. Except they're big and unsaleable, sigh.

Not a happy bunny. Dreams are of the nightmare variety that wake me up; nothing dramatic, just disturbing. Last nights was the sound of footprints running down the impasse under my window, pulling plastic sheeting that howled against the walls and pavement.

Sunday 15 January 2023

15 01 2023

Trickling along, light and time permitting - a gentle pleasure really, provided l just do it. 


Friday 13 January 2023

13 01 2023

 Dibbling at the Last Supper, now called the First Office Christmas Party - and started another Emergence of Eve. Starting later and later - it must have been nearly 10 am when I got to the studio this morning - the dark mornings and a warm bed conspire to let me sleep late. On the plus side more gets done. Weird. More energetic and def more comfortable after a lot of rest, lots of unquestioning bashing on.

Tuesday 10 January 2023

10 01 2023

 ...had taken some discs of old paintings to the magic man of Esperaza, the computer wizz who knows all - was hoping they held some interesting work I'd forgotten about and could develop. This machine doesn't have that little slot / tray to put discs in and I can't make the external drive work. So Ronan took the discs and put them on a stick. (Another misnomer, its more of a thumbnail.)

Now thoroughly depressed.  A great many dull and crudely painted pictures. Nearly all from the food painting days and curiously, nearly all sold. So much hard work. So much endeavour. At least I'm a better painter now.

Its quite mild out so think I'II go and draw...

Sunday 8 January 2023

08 01 2023

 This being Sunday, nothing has been done - except a bit of sewing. Managed that because it was possible to buy a thimble at the market - haven't been able to sew for ages because of lack of. 

Virtuous though. Yesterday entirely spent cleaning up, binning, replacing, soaking, scrubbing. Most unnatural. Still quite lost except for flashes of ideas that become slight on examination. Waiting used to be normal; will cultivate. 

Saturday 7 January 2023

07 01 2023


Too gloppy to work on any more, have put away.... composition finally sorted, colours too muddy, content vapid.

Clean studio today, check out fresh canvases.

Wednesday 4 January 2023

04 01 2023

 Watching paint try - frightened to glaze anything as paint not dry enough and I fear the glazing will take the place of good honest painting as it ends up looking glitzy good. This particular problem pic being the Last supper which I'm far too attached to.

Going for a walk. May not return to studio today - need to think.

Monday 2 January 2023

02 01 2023

 Signed, dated and put up on Instagram...

so it must be finished. Some of it successful, I like the confusion of sword handle, hand and groin - the phallicness of all - to redress the endless dispassionate spear poking by St George :) 
These luminous paints are amazing though I guess wait and see when its all dried and settled. Been mixing with too much Damart resin probably. Back to the last supper now. Lovely working big again.