Saturday 28 April 2012

april 28 2012

A week since I've posted. Intermittent work, easy to pick up and put down - it runs through my head all the time and isn't easy to disrupt. Does this make it good or bad? Neither - its just a method -
afraid of getting winsome. Afraid of self-conscious nastiness.Afraid of faux religiosity. Wish I had a trade that had the possibility of positive outcomes.
Sold 2 pix (old stock) from Auberge du Faby.

Sunday 22 April 2012

sun 22 april

---Tidying up. Studio a hideous mess, have begun/half finished bits everywhere. The maquette for a larger sculpture I made in clay is not even assembled - it was accidentally glazed white by Edith and it lost all my attention (I had painted it in various colours that occasionally show through; its OK but its something else now) Found the notes on the burial piece - begun 2 years ago, so near completion and still not finished. Possibly too trite.
-and so on. Think I should start binning stuff before I begin to think of a collection of unfinished pieces, auch, there is only so much self-indulgence one can take: though perhaps they can fit into the burial piece? hmm

Hate the paintings I'm working on. Have no gift for collages. Put away the drawings that litter the place on the grounds that they are sooooooo not useful.

Curiously, not depressed.....

Thursday 19 April 2012

april 19th 2012

back from Collioure... one nice (=useful) watercolour, several pastiches, a view. Naturally thought of Matisse and Derain and the lads. Determined that selling pix is the way forward and locally is not only appropriate but all that is available. Whilst returning home via Quillan stopped at the tourist centre and booked an expo for December.
Spent a happy morning painting; have finished a mask thing.Red and gold.
Later, afternoon and after meeting at Galerie K; finished a greenish man in specs, a virgin with three eyes, some collages. Photographed and blogged the finished on 

Friday 13 April 2012

Fri 13th April

Ten days since last blog; have managed a bit of painting, some drawing, mostly housekeeping. Its OK, I can skim over this provided I get the odd hour or two. Haven't resolved the framing issue and have let 4 little pix out to hang in the local bar; shocked at myself.
If I could just SELL a picture sometimes it might feel less futile. Doubt that the local bar is the place to do it but was pleased at the thought of setting the images free.
Began when Luke the owner asked me if anyone had rung to talk about the painting he has there, the Sunset Thief - they hadn't. But hes giving out my number and people are interested. He said that small ones are easier because they will go to the tourists, and hes right in principle. If tourists want paintings of mythic anomalies remains to be seen:) An honourable and traditional pursuit , hanging paintings in your local bar, getting money for them. Here are the four I have handed over
Not holding my breath though.

My mother died a week ago and instead of flying back to England for her funeral I have booked an hotel room in Collioure. Plan to spend a couple of days drawing and clearing my head. Death and the seaside - she would approve.

Tuesday 3 April 2012

Tuesday April 03

Feeling deprived again though managed to finish a couple yesterday. One and a half, perhaps. Empty mask person and owl on wrist. Too much going on; and now I'm making a blog of Blossom Adler, dead in Feb., leaving a load of interesting work. Have been excavating and photographing today - and started the blog, - want to get an exhibition arranged.
Very salutary going through a lifetimes work. Thinking how hard this will be for my executors but I don't care:D
Many more people arrived in town today, some of whom will be staying here. Others that should have gone yesterday couldn't leave as their flights were cancelled according to some strike. Now its raining. There is coming a time where patience and deep breathing will be needed.