Sunday, 22 April 2012

sun 22 april

---Tidying up. Studio a hideous mess, have begun/half finished bits everywhere. The maquette for a larger sculpture I made in clay is not even assembled - it was accidentally glazed white by Edith and it lost all my attention (I had painted it in various colours that occasionally show through; its OK but its something else now) Found the notes on the burial piece - begun 2 years ago, so near completion and still not finished. Possibly too trite.
-and so on. Think I should start binning stuff before I begin to think of a collection of unfinished pieces, auch, there is only so much self-indulgence one can take: though perhaps they can fit into the burial piece? hmm

Hate the paintings I'm working on. Have no gift for collages. Put away the drawings that litter the place on the grounds that they are sooooooo not useful.

Curiously, not depressed.....

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