Wednesday 28 February 2018

28 02 2018 Weds

... trotting on. All well. I love painting.

Sunday 25 February 2018

26 02 2018 Monday

Not finished souvenir of dead rabbit Alex nor a nice one overpainted on a lost cause, now featuring many masks and looking good. Here are two  snaps of the dead lizard that came to light in the  big clear up - not a very encouraging symbol of immortality but I guess not a true oroborus. Running around this morning but hoping to crack on this afto.

Friday 23 February 2018

23 02 2018 Friday

...its finished or at least no more will happen until the editing process begins. 112 illustrations.  Have cleaned desk, refiled stuff (=thrown it in the archive room to sort another day) and after coffee plan to put paint onto the clean palette and get back to real life.

Wednesday 21 February 2018

21 02 2018

cracking on, steadily, happily. Reflex critical mode having a break. So, alas, is the printer, scanner, camera. Plenty to be getting on with though.

Tuesday 20 February 2018

20 02 2018 Tues

Can't believe how many interruptions I managed to work through yesterday... builders in, terrible noise and dust (fixing lights, finishing new bathroom), lawyers rang needing attention but on the plus side I  WAS RIGHT and the gits have been ripping us off, the mediator has found :) And then call from Bob in London to the effect I have to go and see my docs, so instant flight booking had to occur (a tenner each way, pas mal) Thence time spent with old friends back in town - caught as I was buying crisps for the evening - and then the evening with artists dwelling on Dada.Nice group though missed Pete rather badly, his breadth of knowledge is a blessing.
Got about 5 pages done. Not well, but that's another issue.

Monday 19 February 2018

19 02 2018 monday

had yesterday off to do domestix but managed to rearrange a couple of pages... builders coming to finish bathroom and box in pipes so think I'II not draw this morning, just press on. Energy shockingly absent.

Friday 16 February 2018

16 02 2018

I hesitate to call these things interventions because it sounds poncy, aggressions is more like it -though they aren't all - finding a piece of something and changing it, is all. This tiny petite point portrait of Jesus couldn't be left alone (its dated 1937 and must have taken months) so in honour of the killings in an american school yesterday I added AK4o's.

Got a collection of these alterations - alterations? - now ...

Been happily working on the SB story. It was dropping sweetly into place but now I'm  at a hic-up which will resolve itself while I'm at Limoux Carnival tomorrow, l do hope.

Found the frontispiece, wazzitcalled, the dedication? Perhaps. Its a quote from a Richmal Crompton book, Still - William. Written in 1926.

"Whats 'data"?
"It's French for ghost story"

Wednesday 14 February 2018

14 02 2018

pristine innit :)
Bob leaves today for a week. I have begun collecting info on saints again. Wanted to do something about women murdered by their partners but what there is on line is so dreadful I cant face it. 2 point something a week in the UK alone. Had imagined painting from smiley photos and giving them the radiance of saints but....

Wednesday 7 February 2018

08 02 2018 Thurs

Done, bar some fiddly things.
Off to Marseilles, weather and strikes permitting. Thence to work :)

Monday 5 February 2018

05 02 2018 Monday

Its pretty much done... and Gracie will complete the cleaning tomorrow. Weds will move furniture with Kelly. Thursday going to Marseille for a couple of days... then voila! Back to work!

Drawing this morning, Fabienne modelling. Thought; important to not look at the work so that an aesthetic is discouraged.
(The aesthetic is bounded in fashion and illusions, completions rather than searches.)
Carried the mantra and did some surprising work. Rather pleased.

Used a box of Kitajs materials that have surfaced in the clean-up; too scared of them to use them before now. Now, ha!

Saturday 3 February 2018

03 02 2018 Sat

Had to take 2 days off - lying around reading nonsense - because my breathing was so bad. Dawning on me that asthma is (also) psychological and the tasks I have set myself are redolent with sub-texts. Working through unfinished projects, failed projects, crap projects - and the stuff I haven't seen for 20 years when I was young and optimistic. Now I've clocked it I'm surprised I wasn't iller. But now its clocked, its do-able.
Dead wasps everywhere. That's not psychological. Haven't found the nest yet, it must be in the beams.
Everything will be alright soon. Honest.