Friday 31 August 2012

friday 31st aug 2012

Managed to resolve using strange devise on the horizon - in fact a machine from the Hat Museum, where Ive been drawing in extremis. Enjoy its strange ambiguity. Freed me up a tad.
Now rearranging studio - shelving, sorting and junking stuff. Need space in every sense.

Wednesday 29 August 2012

29th aug 2012

 finished 2 littles, mostly finished because I'm stuck and cant think how to develop them, and an old drawing I like -

Monday 27 August 2012

27th aug 2012

Rabid with frustration. Things begin and swing along - one tiny pic finished and with pleasure - then more demands made on my time that I can barely keep pace with. Lights appear at the end of tunnels and are extinguished. Don't know how I can bear more of this.
--Still, choices don't abound. 
Here's a nice little nude - days of wrestling, and its about 6x8 ins - ridiculous - below that, a slightly larger mythic anomaly.
The little nude entirely done to fit the frame, which came from Blossom. Having to witness the waste of her art-life as her husband refused to let her work doesn't help my frame of mind.

Thursday 16 August 2012

carrying on

 Set up a new thing on account of the stuff on the go is irreconcilable internally, driving me mad, wanted something I could DO; which in turn is setting up issues that challenge, maybe its time to go back to simple drawing. Went through a stash yesterday and am resolved in future to date them. Stopped that practice at some time, dunno why. Some of them I don't remember doing and it is rather scarey, so a date will help fix the things a bit. In time if not in space, sigh.
 The seraglio pix - which will soon need a proper title - has taken a bit more cohesive sense with the addition of shadows. Not to create an illusion, god forbid, but to suggest a life outside the plane. So there are things of the air, things of the water, things high and low - and things over there, out there.

Found the drawing below lying around, I have used it as a base for a picture, cant remember if its photographed and having photographed don't know where to store it. So here it is.

My old friend from London now of Brazil, Patrick Cuenot, has just rung ; hes in France and coming round tomorrow. We showed together in London a few times; longing to see what hes up to and dreading showing my work.

Wednesday 15 August 2012

aug 15th 2012

emotional headache after re-negotiating my life here. Clearly I have to focus up; equally clearly the set-up is impossible. Anyway, have gained a three-month period, Jan -March 2013, where I will work in isolation. Just soldiering on till then.

Both pleased (at the deal) and shocked (at how hard its been) 

Monday 13 August 2012

mon 13th 2012

still fiddling... dove a resolution of the ungainly composition but now the girls head has to be adjusted. Drawing this morning was dreadful, if a student had handed me any of what I'd produced I would have advised them to get a job and forget a life with art. Suicide is looking like an option again. When it gets cooler I shall start taking long walks and drawing, exercise might help. In the meantime, its very hot. Swim? Not much help with the drawing...

Sunday 12 August 2012

aug 12th 2012

still fiddling. Bloody thing is taking up all my dreams and I cant make it work. Fast reaching the 'junk it' stage.
Went to Montpelier and the Musee Fabre where the taschisme lot had an impact - not that I feel an affinity, but it might help if I did.

Thursday 2 August 2012

august 2 2012

Signed and dated... though not quite sure if finished. Still in studio.

Wednesday 1 August 2012

aug 1st

Finished this last week - its better than it looks:)  I think. Today is housework