Sunday 30 August 2020

31 08 2020

 It's possible I really am going mad... but can make changes. There are two others on the go. However today we drive to Belpeche to see Richard and Alison and tomorrow I go for 2 days to Carne-Minervois to draw with Kat. Thursday am spending the morning in the mountains with Philippe. So should get to studio on Friday with raw material if nothing else; just hope I don't loose contact with what I'm doing while I'm off. 

Saturday 29 August 2020

30 08 2020

 Haven't photographed yesterdays work but its cracking on - managed a pretty full day, starting early and ignoring any other responsibilities. Having brother-in-law here helpful in that respect. Off to market now and will prepare lunch - maybe get some more painting in today too. 

Friday 28 August 2020

28 08 2020

slow grind - but it'll come, palette too muddy and needs to dry off a bit. Fortunately have four other canvases prepared, bought after yesterdays hospital visit..

 sold a pic from 2003 yesterday, the butterfly/war series. Never liked them. They were soooo hard to do (I took the faces from real dead people photographed in Le Figaro.) Had to stop. Same punter is after a painting of a chalice and hasn't realised that it contains 2 portraits, my dead father, my dead brother. Told her but she doesn't seem to mind - as she didn't realise the butterflies were about war. Can I bear to part with it to someone who knew neither Stafford nor Simon? Is this what it means to let go? Let her have the butterflies cheapish but quoted full price for the chalice. She's still interested.

Thursday 27 August 2020

27 08 2020

  Bleeding tasteful innit. Turned to the wall. Currently on landscape with Pogo jumpers. Actually about to stop - work finished on roof and in studios and today is devoted to cleaning, hurrah.

Monday 24 August 2020

25 08 2020

Still haven't got round to photographing the elk/eagle pic which is trotting along nicely, but did dig out the chalices after photographing the relics. Do like them. Must be years old, what, 15? - as I was working in Ediths atelier. Been trying to work out instagram to put them there but god knows how to do it. Should sit on a machine and take instruction but life is short. 

Suppose that this is the new shape of life, getting photos up of the artwork. What else? 

 Phil is somewhat ill and has taken to his bed (just a bug and not that one, we think) So I have a clear day.

24 08 2020

 Not taken photos of the elk/eagle stuff yet, mostly because I flattened battery photographing the relic series of way-back-when. Thought they resonated with the saint series and I may have a point. When battery has recovered will also snap chalices... might make a sweet collection ensemble.

People working in other studio. Bob appeased with work done to get Phil into system. Time (temp) my own.

Sunday 23 August 2020

23 08 2020

 Going steadily mad. Got in two hours yesterday and can't see when I will get any other time for the foreseeable. 

Friday 21 August 2020

21 08 2020

 No chance of work. Have varnished the sold painting (from the war series of 2003) and been heroically working on household management, various. Only got one image in my head that I want to explore so not too tragic.

Plasterers etc in studios. Very hot, I'm sorry for them.

Had a challenging day, ha, yesterday when the brits tuned down my application to be excused jury service. I got off on appeal but was scared by it. On the big plus side, all the deeds on my fathers cottage have turned up (-long story) so we can sell it within the family. Looming dosh = possible project. 

Tuesday 18 August 2020

18 08 2020

Open studio went OK, got some art conversations from the handful of artists that came (useful-) and no-one was nasty.

Studio currently unusable -- new skylight being fitted in bathroom and work conducted from from work-space. Currently in the study underneath and the noise of things being hurled onto the floor is terrifying, keep expecting the ceiling to collapse. 


Sunday 16 August 2020

16 08 2020

 Finished! Occupied now with open studio which went well, people were nice to me - some tidying to do, then to clean brushes and await developments.

Thursday 13 August 2020

13 08 2020

 Annette has taken delivery of the 10 paintings and likes them - sent sweet photo, above - so that's all done :) But no more commissions, not never, I know I've said it before but now I'm too old and and and. Lovely woman though. 

Miraculously - can think of no other word - was woken last night by a shooting star. I'd fallen asleep watching the lightening flashes over the mountains and woke at just after 4.00 am v suddenly, to see a star come into being, fall down the sky and disappear. Stunning. I was star-struck. So I got dressed and went out and walked around the town to discover that the new mayor has left the street lights on all night, bah,  the ambient lighting was v strong. I could have done one of two walks where I knew there were no street lights but they have travellers camped on both routes and they have dogs; I didn't fancy it.

Went back to bed and watched the dawn arrive.... knackered for most of today.

Worked on the Lady with Parrot; the other two are from the garage where the little expo is looking quite sweet. Took Andy and Louise to see it - they were nice and asked the right stuff.

Tuesday 11 August 2020

12 08 2020

Lady and Parrot seems unphotographable - many sheens and skims of colour - I'm rather pleased with it though it may not be finished. Off to Quillan to do Ians photo to replace his lost carte vitale - who knows when the studio will be available to me, sigh.
Today there are cool breezes, hurrah and long may they last - 

Yesterday said goodbye to Bruno with a sense of tristesse;  he is friend we value highly. He comes of a political family (Jack Lang is his cousin) and is always happy to discourse on current affairs... he spoke to many of the young french in bars here and was dismayed by the number of paranoid conspiracy covid theories that are abounding. Personally l find them highly entertaining but I'm trained in esotericism (MA Exeter, since you ask) 

11 08 2020

Im updating the Lady with Parrot thang. Good fun. Channeling my inner Chris Ofili.

Sunday 9 August 2020

09 08 2020

 Loads of fiddling to do but why bother - its where it needs to be. 

Dawning on me that this continual working in isolation is not necessarily a Good Thing. Getting tempted to open the gallery/garage on Sundays and see if that can help - seeing peoples responses. Will ponder ont.

Thursday 6 August 2020

06 08 2020

nearly done - having trouble with the blue that used to be called electric. And with the muddy colours. 
Another joyful celebration of life, not. Sigh.

Tuesday 4 August 2020

04 08 2020

Yet another waiting to be painted out - getting desperate here. Was to go drawing with Claudine this morning but weather iffy - now Thurs. Builders due any min. Think I'II just barricade myself in.

Monday 3 August 2020

03 08 2020

Nothing. Furthermore, workpersons arriving to fix roof of cage of stairs. So no possibility of work. Arranged to go drawing tomorrow morning but today... lalala.