Thursday 30 May 2019

31 st may 2019

Opened for the OFF at the AaS yesterday, both dreadful and fun - its embarrassing in general, being in Richards gallery as well as showing current work. A lot of the retro stuff should be burnt, frankly. However, have sold two.
Hoping for some quiet time to think of what happens next. A slim volume of moving poetry?

Depressed as Gracie can't do book though is asking for someone who can. Cheered that the foundation award is in the bank - though this means I have to go on with it all. Worried I haven't written the spencer brown paper.

Today, nothing can be done but gallery sitting. Planning a comfy chair and a good book and a thermos of coffee. Bliss.

Monday 27 May 2019

27 05 2019

Going to Carcassonne to day to meet Poo at the airport. We are showing together. Hoping the threatening rain will leave me alone as I'm getting there on public transport; Sav meeting us there so a lift back, hurrah.
Been doing no work but the papier mache things, which I love. They are like skulls. Soon be able to test one, though will need sunlight.

Friday 24 May 2019

24 05 2919, sorting, getting splinters. Hung the show in the garage, as near as dammit, not yet sorted work for Richard but know where its going. Tired. Pouring rain today, most cleansing.

Monday 20 May 2019

20 05 2019 Monday

Last one - 4 enough, its all I need.
Busy now on other stuff - expo for the OFF, Poo arriving to exhibit with me, paper for the LoF and the rest. Would prefer to curl up with an indifferent book.

Friday 17 May 2019

17 05 2019 friday

Getting little bits done between times though yesterday was largely in the garage moving paintings. About to go back and move more. There are paintings there from the early 1980's and on (Before that date and on changing house, I gave everything away -) enfin, there are many pix there. I cant count but in terms of bulk there are lots.
Finishing moving today - thats the plan - so Ian can treat the floorboards, then hey ho to replace them. Richard making his selection for the retrospective, which he is curating according to his own ideas - interesting.
Pissing with rain, studio roof leaking, place smells funny.

Monday 13 May 2019

13 05 2019

despite visitors its all trolling along well - another finished, though it must be admitted they are not taxing.
So; Grace is taking book and making it oven ready. I have handed it over and apart from the acknowledgements its done. Sense of freedom, sense of loss.
Fell down the studio stairs this afternoon, well scary. Bruised and shaken but nothing broken.
Coast tomorrow! Weather fab.

Friday 10 May 2019

11 05 2019

Back from the Alps - these are the Alps, fool, sit down and wait for them to crumble - where we were taken to the church of notre-dame-de-toute-grace on the plateau d'assy. Blinding. But mostly and above all for the Bonnard, Donated in memory of his nephew Dr Jean Terrasse who was a founder of the sanitorium there - its of St Francis de Sales, (Bishop of Annecy and visitor of the sick.)
This is not a poor reproduction -well, yes it is, but also its hung in a dark corner and is fuzzy and full of vagueness. Knocked me out.
Also went to the Foundation Pierre Gianadda Martigny  over the border in Switzerland for their collection of Impressionists. Weak.Though entertained by this Renoir, never seen before... what was he up to??

Did some watercolours of Mont Blanc in front of which we were staying - most calming, watercolours crap of course but enjoyed doing them. 
Yesterday finished another spring picture -
and managed to nearly move all the paintings in the store to another floor, for evaluation and cleaning. Richard is mounting a retrospective for me... he needed to see what was there. He opens his gallery with it, jolly nice of him.
AND the cybernetics foundation are going to give me 3 thou swiss francs to get the book designed for publication. Very joyful. Assume they don't know what they are doing anymore than I do, but allelujia!

Thursday 2 May 2019

02 04 2019 thurs

done more to this, more of the same; deemed finished. Working on another. Want Spring pictures now, after the 6th xtinction pix. Want things to put on my wall in winter to give me hope. Hmm, somewhat sad so far but the principle is sound.
Papier-mache stuff getting to completion - rather exciting, though a week or two away as things must dry.
Got visitors making a radio programme about my Da tomorrow for 3 days and then we are off to Mont Blanc for a couple of days. Hope to do some drawing there -