Thursday 30 August 2018

30 08 2018

Again no photos. Again, a decent days work - two saints nearly finished.
AND got a new trick :)
=The difficulty with the saints is the research which means ploughing through hundreds of unsuitable and miserable dead people. So I asked on Fb for friends saints before 1011 and now have several suitable and ready to go.

Monday 27 August 2018

28 08 2018

Just deleted the photos of yesterdays work - no matter, nothing is finished. But had a nearly full day in the studio, allelujia. Deletion by error, BTW. lala.

Monday 20 August 2018

20 08 2018 monday

Not a chance of any work for a week - getting a house ready for the renters. Putting off the clearing and cleaning work now by doing this.

Sophie, the daughter of Therese in whose name I made this mosaic, sent this photo -

Thursday 16 August 2018

16 08 2018 Thurs

Finished - or at any rate signed and dated - the 6th xtintion pic with reclining buddha. The arm still worries but thats its function - gauche, uncomfortable. Done.
The earthquakes continue sporadically. Had a decent morning yesterday. Today is household stuff so maybe sneak some time in this afto.
Trouble with camera so no pix.

Just had another go. No pix. La la

Saturday 11 August 2018

11 08 2018

 Finished St Encratia yesterday - pretty on account of spanish girls are - and close to completion on the 6th extinction pic with reclining buddha. Its laborious as I'm doing it piecemeal like stitching a quilt. Sooner rt later there will be time to pull it together.

Tuesday 7 August 2018

07 08 2018

Nothing moved on - too hot. The studio ain't dreadful but it ain't pleasant despite the open veluxes. So I've been in the study, relatively cool, doing paperwork. Hmm.
Some of the family gone, the remainers not a great distraction. I'm hoping that everything is developing in my head.
Got a lovely idea for a long thin watercolour....  for when it's cooler.

Saturday 4 August 2018

04 08 2018 Sat

Nearly there... going to knock back the reclining buddha with red, hopefully today. Family all out playing, mostly.
The gold leaf on which the figure reclines is in fact gold leaf,which suits my purposes perfectly. I was trying the show the solid gold-ness of the statue - and indeed that it was a statue - this is a short-hand solution. Also the gold leaf was a present from my papa who didn't use it in his work. He bought it as a response to the gold leaf I used years ago given to me by an artist friend who entered Berlin after the war and, er, found it. I'd used all that up (fantastic quality) and so Stafford gave me his which though a Good Thing is a shadow of the war booty.