Monday 26 June 2023

27 06 2023

Was going to put up photos of the show but too depressed by it - here instead is the view FROM the gallery.

Waiting now to hear from a journalist who interviewed me yesterday. I really liked her, we shared many ideas and sparked each other nicely.

26 06 2023

 Show up in Quillan, hard work, hardly worth it. Given that this is probably my last expo - no energy or inclination - its rather a shabby bit of art.

So was getting miserable when the news reached me of my brother Steves illness. He's in ICU with DKA. (Is it better with initials? ) Poor boy.

A nice dinner out has stopped me actually lying on the floor sobbing.

Friday 2 June 2023

02 06 2023

 Bit frantic; hacking at portrait, fretting about site and show. Off on 4 day hol tomorrow rapidly followed by a fortnightish in the UK. Of course it will all get done, but only if I panic. Ha.