Monday 24 August 2015

24 08 2015 Monday

 F I N I S H E D
which is to say, Im not doing anymore.

Sunday 23 August 2015

23 08 2015 Sunday

All ready to go - cover of DRAWN, penultimate page, credits. Done done done - until the designer tells me its all wrong, for whatever reason. We'll see. I'm finished for the moment.
Now to studio for the rest of the installation. Head hurts and I'm miserable - anniversary of my fathers death, 13 years, and he aint here to see what I'm doing.

Saturday 22 August 2015

22 08 2015 Sat

Things good and not-so good. Bob in distress with a tongue infection picked up in the states so while he dosen't require much nursing he requires attention, which is distracting. Sleep, antibiotics and painkillers are doing their thing and hes on the mend. But no studio work for 2 days now.
However, the Drawn book is coagulating. Tomorrow I do the last of the art work, ready to post monday morning. That'll be the cover and the penultimate page.Roger has done a terrific job. I'm excited at the thought of it, whilst praying I haven't done anything stupid. Or not-done something essential.
Still packages to be make of notebooks but there's a week or slightly more in hand for that.
And young nephew Tom has volunteered his band to play at the opening :) Have to check with the gallery that thats OK but seriously hope so -  they are staying at New Cross for the a few months looking for gigs so couldn't be better.

Monday 17 August 2015

17 aug monday 2015

I fear the boredom is showing... carrying on with this is a huge effort. On the other hand, the images for the drawings for the paintings I aint doing are getting stronger.... Bob back tomorrow, his family off Weds.; friend overnighting, nephew about; end of the month? Not too far away. Just got to keep sane till then.

Friday 14 August 2015

14th August Friday 2015

More of the same - not as bored as I was as the shape of the intsallation gets more distinct and I can afford to be enthusiastic. And, perhaps more importantly, the end is nigh. Not a lot more to do.

The great big cheerful thang though, is the book. Roger the designer has started the work, got the idea completely and it will be lovely. Now I feel freed to consider the cover.

Sunday 9 August 2015

09 08 2015 - Sunday -

 last drawing books awaiting packaging...unless I decide to use more - and iffy waterolour. Desperate to paint. Know what to do. But must finish up first.

Wednesday 5 August 2015

05 08 2015 Tues

-Paul says 5 are sold :)

I am fighting for some time to clean the studio and get to grips with the installation, which is leaving ready to be installed at the end of this month. Very small time... though some can go later, perhaps. What a mess.

No word from Roger on the book. Fretting.

Monday 3 August 2015

o3 o8 2015, Monday

All my fears - terrors, even, - apparently ill-founded.

Drove off at 5.00am on the worst day for driving in the year but got to l'Isle-sur-Sorgue ahead of 11.00 when we were expected. Greeted enthusiastically. Ounouh charm personnified; his collegues Frederick and another (forgot name) ditto.

Speedily unpacked car and sent us off to breakfast.

When we got back - noonish - the show was hung. He'd chosen 10 out of the 20-odd we took and hung tham in amazing ways in relation to the other stuff - I was knocked out by it.

I'm with a ceramisist called Pierre Sgamma, whom I loved and a woman whose work I've seen before, she weaves plastic bags and makes beautiful shapes... can't remember her name (though I think shes been in the artists a suivre) and also Ounouhs whose work  is also wonderful. He trained in France, had a residency in Cardiff, studio in Lewisham - hes younger than me but we clearly have same processes.

Frederick and  Ounouh took us to a posh lunch - reserved table - and sent us off to our hotel in Cavillon, which by a happy accident (I took what was available on the busiest holiday day of the year) turned out to be lovely, just what we wanted. Rested and realised we were too tired to go back for the evening and the next day was also difficult. So said our goodbyes by text.

The deal is fantastic - must be shome mistake.
He sells the work and takes 40%. He thinks three are already sold.
He takes his 40% and uses it to buy my work. For his collection.

I said, how do you make a living??
He said that he does internal decor for the rich.

He offered advise on developing my ideas which was insightful and useful.

Still in some species of shock.

These sculptural ones are Ouonouhs and below is the gallery