Monday, 7 March 2016

07 03 2016

Fiddling rather ineffectually with some pix about what the church has done to women and just getting upset - this is art as therapy which isnt good.
On the plus side todays drawing was a blast - only did an hour as I had to see accountant, do post, get unphotographed work to photographer - I quit while I was on top. One duff, is all. It was pretty tense, 10 or 12  artists there and noises off were disturbing, plus one major disruption in the form of Julius who was off on one. Sigh. Held it together but didn't think I would last for 2 hours - sensible to quit.
Model was Chantal who is getting very good.

Saw Bieke yesterday for tea, mostly talked about family - hers - but bits of art crept in. Always feel I've learnt something from her.

Slept badly - see above - and should probably stop and get some sleep now - or a tension reducing bath, my wrists have been hurting for days with too-tight pix.

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