Tuesday, 5 April 2016

05 04 2016 tues

Off to England tomorrow and had hoped to move the paintings along a bit; -so, unbelievably, the dog was very very sick from top and bottom in the night, in the studio and kitchen and bathroom so this morning was a slow and careful clean-up op featuring toxic chemicals. 
Yesterday in what was no doubt an act of displacement therapy l moved bookcases and carpets in the study, after going to Carcassonne to replace a painting that has been sold (hurrah)

Today, with the dust AND the bleach I can hardly breathe. Galloping asthma. Looking forward to the coach ride to Victoria, nothing but sleep and doozing and hopefully filtered air.

Gave Le 98 a drawing of my mother, Cynthia - above - she died 4 years ago. 
The Bugarach trip was fairly pointless, no work done due to weather and circumstances. Took loads of photos thinking thay'd be good references - and wiped them off the camera in error. Sometimes you just have to lie down and wait for it all to pass.
Sent Harry the large portrait of Simon which is going to Andy by La Poste. 11.21 kilos; 64 euros. Pas mal.

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