Sunday, 18 December 2011

sun 18th dec

Everything I can consider for this Daniel pic has a predictable outcome and I don't like any of them and can't see the point in doing them. Plan today to turn the painting to the wall - with the rest - and set up some still lives. Oh I typed that as 'still lies'... theres a direction:)

Later; -and I carried on, just enjoying the colours. I'm transferring watercolour studies to oil, new to me and interesting. So far I'm replicating the tricks, translucent colours laid over white backgound, and wheres the point in that? Though a little challenge. I've shaped the 2 figures, both of Simon, both loosely notionally Daniel, into furnaces ala Blake though I still can't find my Blake books - found Ackroyds biog, and wheres the point in that??-

What is the contemporary message of Daniel? -Dare to be, to stand alone, to have a vision, to make it known - yeah yeah but every damn rapper in school thinks that. A little picture of two smelting pots with blokes in them isnt going to make the point. And the image is like poorly executed German expressionism. I would like to uncover another meaning and develop that. Loathe to quit on the Daniel dream, I suppose.

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