Sunday, 22 February 2015

22 02 2015 Sunday

In Essouria where I had hoped to draw on the splendid terrace of the house we've rented. Wind and Asthma have so far allowed two totally crappy sketches.
Now I have a streaming cold, headache and etc.
But things could be worse.... last night I bent my head and when I lifted it there was a jagged rainbow around the vision of my right eye, madly flickering. It was over one side. There were friends with us and I didnt like to say anything - I mean, what could be done late at night in the Medina? - so I took off my glasses and rubbed my eyes and waited to see what would happen.
It was very beautiful. The thought kept occuring that the Veil of Maya was being twitched. The rainbow moved slowly to the edge of my eye and after about 20 mins it disapeared.
I didnt think it was a detached retina because there was no sign of the blackness afterwards. Was it a stroke? After the friends had gone I looked it up on the net and it has a name which Ive forgotten and it was classic whatever it was. Doesnt seem to mean anything. Pressure on the cerebellum? Precurser to migrane? Never had a migrane.
But woke up with a streaming cold.

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