Saturday, 22 October 2016

22 x 2016 sat

After all these years, found a Fabiola!!! How appropriate that as I embrace the painting of saints, one should (finally) turn up. Been looking since 2009.
And this one (2" in total) is as distressed as my paintings aim to be - and as intermittently shiny-  from a vide grenier on our local sacred mountain, Bugarach. Nice:)

the question underlying the Saints series is one of attribution.
All artists and probably musician and writers and for all I know pastry chefs enter into another head space where things are made. You know what you are producing is OK when you come out of it and see what has emerged. Nowadays I've heard it called The Zone. There are other names. But at one time it was called inspiration and  sometimes divine inspiration.

So; who does the work? The unconscious kicks in with the hard-wired motor skills? Picasso claimed - somewhere- that he felt the presence of all the artists who had every been painting through him. Is there an art pool where it comes from?
... join the dots, these questions and those that follow on are not original but I've never seem answers that have satisfied.
One of the Catholic sites I visit to check out saints refers to them (saints) as our extended family in heaven. Hope it ain't them doing the work -
Which is ticking  over fairly well BYW. Half a doz coming up for completion.

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