Saturday, 27 May 2017

27 may 2017

Gallery sitting and bored stupid. Can't settle into a book as I get interrupted. Internet connection sporadic. Hate looking at the work though have cleaned and varnished some old stuff. Plus that - the varnish - keeps out a lot of voyeurs. I apologise for the smell and say its only toxic if you smell it for a long time. They scamper...

Good opening, Tom and Bull played. Enjoyed that.

Had a dream that a woman sang a song that told of her whole life DETACHED from the many strings that bind us - outside of society, culture, family and friends. It was a beautiful song, haunting and entire which of course I can't remember. But by luck today stumbled over a quote from Waugh (E) 's diary, 1926, which talks of the sense of it from another angle;

l suppose that the desire to merge one's individual destiny in forces outside oneself, which seems to me to be deeply rooted in most people and shows itself in social service and mysticism and in some manner in debauchery, it is really only a consciousness that this is already the real mechanism of life...

Oh la.

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