Monday, 2 October 2017

02 10 2017 monday

Drawing Joachim today.... he does not use a deodorant and had cycled in in waterproofs. What with that and the usual background noises it was a multi-sensory experience and therefore rather iffy for the drawing. Which I haven't yet looked at. Saw it veering  to the dinky and reflected that at the arts at Magrie there were many artists who'd made pretty stuff and that didn't sell either - wonder why anyone bothers doing anything.
That said, I sold the Bishops Palace painting.
Pierre (?Dont know the rest) who bought it took he to his house and showed me his collection. He'd already got one of mine :) and the rest of his stuff was brill. I was knocked out. Like discovering Prince Charming really exists and really loves you.
Also got to invitations to exhibit, one near Maisailles, one at St Columb. Will see.

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