Sunday, 22 July 2018

22 07 2018 sunday

 End-of-the-world cracking on, and there is a new head of St Anne mother of the BVM though I don't like it yet.

Since a reclining  Buddha has cropped up, wondering if the 'armless anguish in the crucifixes might be useful.
Probably not, but I liked the photos.

-I have a collection of crucifixes that have been interfered with, either showing signs of devotion or signs of magical interference. Back in the day, a poor person would use a bit of a crucifix to mend whatever part of them, the human, was damaged - don't know how it was administered. The practice was so widespread that before people had crucifixes of their own they would use the public wayside shrines which began to deteriorate accordingly. The church passed something that made this unlawful which shows just how big a problem this was...

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