Thursday, 29 November 2018

29 11 2018

Been at it.. Pestilence is coming good though rather scary. Can't imagine what its for - who is likely to want a painting of a naked person on a black horse with a syringe? Most threatening. Terrific painting though, IMHO.
Discovered on Monday when I went for some paper that my stash of large size paper has been soaked by water which has come through the roof (I think) Black mold and wetness. The best watercolour papers were elsewhere, phew, but the damage to the rest is awful. This stuff is expensive and I buy it when I find deals. So, washing lines across studio 2 and clothes pegs to hang them. I've made notebooks of some of them, cut down to manageable size; useful.
Mondays group was good, 13 plus artists, Geraldine modeling. No great shakes for me but general maintenance - Tuesday was in Carcassonne dealing with the Carte de Sejour, after which went to the emergency hospital to see TWM who was whipped in after a routine visit. Hes very sanguine. He may have 8 months of life left and says thats enough. Bizarrely, really enjoyed my visit. He talked a lot about his life and we sang songs. Weds and today in studio (ducking under washing line)

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