Tuesday, 19 February 2019

19 02 2019

Drawing yesterday, (Tore, Aileens brother)  as a way to resume normal life. Couldn't stop thinking of the young Indian artist I met who drew with a tiny squirel hait brush and whose aim was to load it with as much paint as possible so that a line could be continuous.... he, poor chap, had to sell everything he made or starve. (He gave me one and I took it - thought it was a matter of pride as we were talking shop but now I'm ashamed)  
Resolved to give up drawing until I've sold them all. There are 8 trillion in the studio alone, let alone those in storage. Am using a trick of Rodins, cutting them out and mounting them. Works for some, not all. And they should be framed and lifes too short...
It is time to stop though. The winter project is about to be resumed - the cartoon book - and the sojourn in India has made it late. This is REALLY the final winter.

This morning finished the noahs ark pic and messed with the painting for the Toc et Clochers. Cleaned up, a bit.
Most of the morning spent finding, scaning and sending photos of Dave for use at his funeral.
I took him so much for granted.

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