Tuesday, 22 May 2012

may 22 Tuesday

Today was indeed another day and I did a yoga class in the morning. Did it last week and was dreadful; could do more this week as I get the hang of it and the old body relaxes. Nonetheless felt sick and was afraid I'd vomit. Began to feel like an attention seeker and forced myself to carry on but must have looked weird - sweaty and red, at a guess - and was told to rest. Fear that hanging on to badness is part of my stock-in-trade - why not just skip about and throw arms in air singing allelujia?
Still have bad headache.
All that aside when I did hit the studio it was much better. Took the expensive and delicious papers and hit them to some effect, I think. Not finished and not sure but at least one gives me huge pleasure and another two give me comfort, in that their rescue was a tour de force. Dated them for yesterday because the date was so well balanced.
Off to Toulouse tomorrow so now work, possibly not for a week as Bob is here. No need to panic. Will try and think what my aims actually are - other than filling my time -

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