Thursday, 22 November 2012

nov 22th thurday 2012

Being Thursday, the day is disturbed... builders 9.30, another 11.00, femme de menange 10.00, Steve leaving for Zurich, lunch to buy and cook - Andree at 3.00 and frankly knackered afterwards. Pity as yesterday was quite good... finished 2, neither bad though not shattering. Cant up load them as camera set on many pixels and too rich for the site; will find out how to change it and re-do. Started more with sanglier central to the theme, like them...
yesterday, rejected by the Artistes a suivre jury, which though expected was still a funny one. Years since Ive been rejected from anything - a lesson in playing too safe? Content to join the illustrious company who have previously been chucked out but a little surprised as the 10 images I gave them seemed very accessible and painterly. Not taking it personally anyway.
On the plus side Molly has suggested an expo in Nice in the spring. A fine plan. Will visit and check it out, next week I think - if I can get the invitations to the Quillan expo sorted. Having trouble finding an image I like that reproduces well.
Am trying to get Ian to re-do website, it seems he has no work pattern or any sort of discipline. Cant find out when - or indeed if- he might achieve anything.
Phil and Lily still here, another week, though they sweetly don't intrude. Hard to focus with activity about me.Should try harder, like as not.
This one has fewer pixels than others - pity its hardly visible -

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