Friday, 22 March 2013

Friday 03 22 2013

...all stuff, text, photos,layout, with Roger the designer; that rubicon crossed. Thats a relief.

Show in Nice canceled, a (huge) relief. Always felt there was something wrong with the whole thing. Emails started arriving with bizarre messages - the curator was ill and was handing over to an artist of whom there were suddenly six, not the original four , there was to be an invitation with a carving of a pig (that is outside the gallery) we were to wear pig masks at the vernissage; WTF??
Long story culminating in a phone call from Molly-galleriste in tears; she has decided shes an alcoholic and is going into rehab., has handed on the work to an artist she thinks I know but I don't remember, all she wants is for us to have a fun and a great party. (This is so not useful if you have schlepped a deal of large paintings hundreds of miles, for a bunch of piss-heads dressed as pigs to cavort around.) Everyone has resigned, it seems, and would I like the entire gallery? Its huge and I cant invigilate nor get sufficient work there, so no.
Will have holiday in Italy instead.

Finished application for the Princes Trust, that's all ready to go off  and I'm not thinking of it anymore.

Work up on the RCA website for the Secret Expo. Amusing though this years crop is so heavily text based one might call it a poetry convention.

 Havent finished accounts but accountant seems to have gone to ground.

Done a large drawing of a man dreaming which isn't that good, its too caricature, will fiddle a little and file. Had hoped it might lead onto a new theme but I'm surprisingly distant from it.On the plus side Ive discovered that a hand-made rag paper drawn on with charcoal will take a stiff brush to work the charcoal in to good effect...

Haven't got round to posting/trying to sell  the cartoons Ive done with Rob - must do that this weekend, Sunday I guess- enjoyed doing them and am pleased with the results. Tomorrow I'm in Spain with the Comitee de Jumilage secretly looking for venues.  Tonight is the vernissage of the Toques et Clochers where in the absence of The Phone Call I can assume no one is giving me a prize, again. Be nice to have something positive and encouraging happen.

But at least the weather is lovely and spring is blossoming - strong sense of coming out of a dark tunnel:)

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