Saturday, 2 May 2015

3rd May Sunday

Yesterday went to Ediths to complete my bust of Simon and found it totally destroyed. It was difficult to see how the damage could have happened without it being beaten with a stick - extraordinary! Edith said no-one has touched it and we concluded that in some strange way its own weight had imploded, rolled and massacred it.
----Guessing that a demon disapproved.
Quite a shock. I went and sat on a bench by a field under some trees and thought about it.
I'd been totally engrossed in the making of it, possessed by it, to the extent that I was thinking of making a  change of direction and doing more in a similar spirit.
Im so relieved I'd finished the painting of Simon or I'd be questioning our relationship :)

Now its clear to me that although pottery is excellent therapy, it aint my metier. Au contraire.

Been hanging the garage - I like it there - and now about to clean up the second studio for the photographer who is here at 10.00 am tomorrow. Claudinne here, Bob here, people for dinner but energy good.

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